Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back from across the pond

My friend and I are back from London.  We had a great time.  The first thing we did was get on a "hop on hop off" bus and we got to Buckingham Palace just as they were changing the guard!!  I could have come home then and been happy.  Who does not want to see the changing of the guard?

On Friday we took a day trip to Stonehenge.  It was so so impressive.

A view of the London Bridge.

This is a picture of some tapestries in the Cathedral at Bath.  They were so quilt like. 

We had a great great trip although it was short.  I even learned to use the Tube to get around, not bad for a retired grandmother!!

My daughter in law has a friend who is having twins boys in August and she asked me to make them quilts.  Is this too bright? I want both quilts to be similar but not exactly the same.

In cleaning out my mothers house I have found so much fabric and I found these squares she made.
Any ideas on how to use them.  They all have the plaid or print in the corner squares. There are 109 of them.  What a strange number?  For one thing it is a prime number so you cannot make it into a rectangle. 

This was one of my ideas,  put a solid of the same width as the square between each one.

I have a pet peeve that is really bothering me.  I read lots of blogs.  I try to comment on as many as possible.  If you comment on my blog I do my best to respond.  I have commented on several blogs lately and did not get a response.  I even sent one blogger a personal email and didn't hear from her. I love my blogland friends.  I really appreciate all of your comments and I feel like I should acknowledge the fact that you stopped to read my blog.  Is it wrong to think that consistently not responding is rude?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

NC Ferry

Happy Mothers Day to everyone.  I got these beautiful strawberries in the mail from my daughter.  I would rather have had her but the strawberries are good.

We decided to ride the ferry on the way to the beach on Friday.  North Carolina is so fortunate to have a great ferry system and for the time being it is free.  This is the ferry from Minnesott Beach to Cherry Branch.  It takes about 20 minutes and it is a beautiful ride.  It is a great thing to do with the kids.

We are meeting the ferry going the other way.

My aunt is always an inspiration to me in so many ways.  She is the one that really inspired me to start making quilts.  She introduced me to Gwen Marston and I will be forever grateful.  She encouraged me (pushed me) to go to my first Gwen workshop and I was hooked.  Since then we have worked with Gwen two more times.

My aunt is making a quilt for her daughter's friend who adopted a baby.  I just had to post these stars she made.

And now look how great these stars look in the quilt.   My aunt is into a phase of doing 9 patches with 3" squares.  The stars look like they are just tossed on the quilt.

My daughter in law asked me yesterday to make quilts for a couple of her friends,  one who is expecting twin boys!!  I think I might try this idea.