Saturday, May 30, 2009

Playing with JOY

Tonya wanted some happy words so I volunteered for JOY, she wanted 4 letter words but I decided to be different. I did not have my grandsons this week so it was sort of a mini-vacation for me. But you know how it is at the beginning of the week you think you have so much time and at the end of the week you haven't done what you wanted to do. Oh well! I did start on my word.
I did one version and it was way too big. This is what is left of the J. I hated it as you can see but tried to salvage some of the pieces.

Here is the two Os that I did. There should be some heart in JOY and the middle of the O is the perfect place for it. The first one is so much bigger than the second one. I loved the balloon material for the background.

I dislike this Y so much. I can't figure out how to do a good Y! I follow Tonyas directions but mine always end up looking so bad. I just don't know what to do about the Y, what is JOY without the Y, JO!

This is where Iam so far and I hope to work some this afternoon. This beautiful Saturday afternoons makes me want to get outside but I also want to finish my JOY. I love that little white tool that you see in the picture. It is great for pressing little seams before you go to the ironing board.

Some of the words Tonya has gotten are cockeyed but I can't quite figure out how to do that without messing everything up. I am always interested to read about how other people work. Every one is so individual in how what they do and how they do it.
I have a couple of other thins started at least started in my head. Lets get to work.

Monday, May 25, 2009

My Daddy

My father was a pilot in WWII. He was a member of the Army Air Corps which became the Air Force. He fought in the South Pacific. He was stationed in New Guinea. Obviously he survived the war or I would not be here. He was a hero in my book.

Daddy never talked much about his war experiences. Once maybe 20 years ago a man that he was in service with was traveling across the country and he stopped by to see us. My Daddy died in 1993 and I miss him to this day. So in honor of Memorial Day I am posting this picture of him in his plane. We should all take time today and think of all the military men and women that have served our country.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Back in March we planted some seeds and put them in our kitchen window. My grandson faithfully watered them and watched them. Sometimes watering them too faithfully but luckily some survived the enthusiasm of a 2 year old. Today we planted his pumpkins and marigolds in the yard.

I have a very shady yard, lots of huge pine trees. Last spring I dug out an area between two pines and made myself a sunny plot. I put some of my beloved daylilies there and a couple of hydrangeas. That is where we decided to put our pumpkins!

Oh look at the poison ivy right there beside the pine tree! Lets not get close to that.

Digging and watering, care to guess who got soaked! His clothes are in the dryer right this minute. Does anyone know the name of that plant on the right? A friend gave me a clump last spring and they came back bigger than ever this spring.

We could not resist the beautiful purple petunias at Lowes, they were on sale too! They will look great next to my orange daylilies. I also got one of those beautiful old fashion roses. They are so pretty this year, I see them blooming everywhere.

And that meant more watering!

It is hard to stay inside on beautiful days like today. I want to sew and I want to be outside! Such a hard decision. I have several projects running through my head. I have to finish the baby quilt for my neighbor. I would like to do some placemats with some wild fabric I bought last fall. I was thinking coordinating solid squares on one side and the wild fabric on the other. I would also like to do some beach houses. My son suggested that and it is a very intriguing idea. We love the beach and that would be so fun to do. So many ideas!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Talented and Cute

Some days I manage to get both grandsons to take naps at the same time. Doesn't always happen but sometimes. I am usually so tired at that point I don't get to sew anything. Here is the baby "resting" on his brothers quilt. This is one of the first quilts I made, almost 3 years ago. I didn't do the quilting and I wish I had.

My older grandson gave me this picture for mothers day. Isn't he talented? A budding artist! I love the little hand prints. What should I do with it? I was thinking pillow but it might get dirty. What about walling hanging?

Both boys watching Hanny Manny with one of their great grandmother's quilts in the background.

Life is moving on along. I am trying to work in my yard and to sew along with everything else. When I have extra time I am torn about what to do, go outside or work inside. My mother is doing great. She is doing better than I ever thought. Isn't life interesting? Just when you think you are at the lowest point a unexpected angel comes along.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


My baby is going to China for two weeks with some other students from Kenan Flagler B-school. Follow her adventures.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So where have I been? who knows, I sure don't. It takes a lot of energy to look after two grandchildren but it sure is fun. My mother is getting along very well. I have had an angel drop right out of the blue to help us. My uncle that died recently had been at home with help for almost 5 years. The woman that looked after him contacted me about helping us. I was so surprised but so relieved. She is absolutely wonderful. She helps me with so many details and my mother is thriving with her there.

I haven't done much sewing. I did make some pillows for the beach to match our new sofa and love seat. After 25 years we thought it was time to do some updating.

My son or his wife usually pick the boys up about 4 so I sometimes have a little while to get up in my sewing room if I am not totally worn out. I don't have any direction at the moment. I really like to have a project to work on that really energizes me. It is very relaxing to just piddle a bit. I made a few houses. These were made from my scrap bag.

I really like this one, do you see the monkey?

When I can't focus on anything else I try to put scraps together into little squares. I find concentrating on figuring out what to put where takes my mind off of the hectic life I am living right now. It won't be this way forever. I am not one that loves a lot of activity. I would be very happy to stay home and piddle and put together scrap squares for days on end.

And of course there are always liberated stars to make.

I will have some time this summer. My daughter in law is taking the boys to her parents for 2 weeks.

What do you do to motivate yourself? HELP give me some suggestions.