Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Plugging Along

I didn't realize that it had been over a week since I posted. I have been doing some sewing. Keeping two little boys during the day keeps me busy. One afternoon last week they were both crying at the same time for about 30 minutes. Oh well, I wanted to explore this part of my life so I guess I asked for it. When my children were young I was working and enjoying it. I loved being in the classroom but I always wondered what it would be like to be a stay at home mom. I have no regrets about my career, it was wonderful and this part of my life is wonderful too. I am able to get a little sewing done when they go home and on the weekends. I am completing three quilts for my DIL to give as gifts. I posted this one before but I finished what some of you call the flimsy over the weekend. I like it but I wish I had made the white sashing a bit narrower.

It is a cool way to highlight some novelty prints.

I machine quilted this top in a similar design to the pinwheels. I don't know how well you can see it on the top.

Maybe it is easier to see the quilt design on the back.

I think I am trying to do something too complicated when I machine quilt. I did the other one with parallel lines. I have tried quilting in the ditch but you have to be so careful. Any suggestions on machine quilting? Should I adopt the KISS (keep it simple stupid) method?

What is your least favorite part of the quilting process? My aunt hates doing the binding. I love doing the binding because I know I am almost done. I know we all love selecting the fabric and and a design. I DO NOT like making the quilt sandwich. I don't like it because I almost always end up with wrinkles. I have tried the floor and that killed my back. I am now using my dining room table. Any suggestions? Please help.

One more thing. I am always amazed at what the quilting bloggers do. I was touched by the request for bundles to send to Iraq. There was no way I could get a bundle together and then I found an opportunity to pay for one. I jumped at the chance. Just imagine what a simple gesture can accomplish. I hope we will get some follow up on how the Iraq women use what we send.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Gwen's pinwheels

I finished my second quilt top yesterday. I have not quilted either of the two I made last week but I am going to do something very simple.

I used Gwen Marston's liberated pinwheels. Someone asked last week what was the most inspiring book we had seen. I have to say any of Gwen's books but particularly her Liberated Quiltmaking. This is straight out of that book. I was not going to add striping but I noticed in her book that she did and it really highlights the color and movement of the pinwheels.

I love the color and action in this quilt.

I was looking for some inspiration last week. I have at least one more quilt to make for my DIL. Our minister asked us yesterday were we smart or wise I don't claim to be either one but I have been thinking I could make some blocks and have them ready when anyone in my family asks for a quilt. If you have never been to Cluck Cluck Sew please go. I have some cute nursery rhyme fabric and what Allison was doing works great. Isn't this cute? Allison is so creative!

Here is a close up. I was thinking I could make a block or two when I have time and then put them together when I need to.

I got my little boys back today and I am tired tonight. Sewing and quilting will have to take a backseat to my two little men.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rolling Over

I had so much fun watching a precious little boy roll over.

Thinking about it.

On his side.

Hooray he made it!!!!!

I am also making some quilts for friends of my other daughter in law. This friend is having a boy and the parents are real sports fans. All of the squares have something to do with sports. I have a cute print with different sports balls for the back.
This is the disappearing nine patch which I am so fond of. I always get confused when putting it together but I don't mind taking my stitches out until it is right. The patterns that emerge are fascinating. I guess that is the math teacher in me, always looking for a pattern.

I have a couple more quilts to make for her. I love these dots and I also am intrigued by Gwen Marston's liberated pinwheels. I did these square just to see what it would look like. I love the purple but I will use the other colors to make it more interesting.

Isn't this darling? This will be the back.

One more thing. My husband and I are trying to get healthier. We are walking 2 miles every morning about 6:45. We have to walk that early because it is so hot during the day, the high 90s yesterday. Nothing to do in the afternoon but stay inside and sew!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


We are home from the beach after our Family Beach week. We had a great time. It was wonderful to spend time with family. We spent long days on the beach watching the kids in the surf. We has several meals together and lots of laughs and good times. Just wish it didn't have to end.

We got home and this is what I found waiting for me. It was huge.

And this is what was inside! ELVIS!!!! A framed poster of Elvis. I am so excited. It is going on the wall in my studio for inspiration.

I have been sewing some but I will wait and post pics later.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beach Week 2009

This is our super duper family beach week for 2009. We have 4 houses, dogs, babies, kids, teenagers, young people, and older people, ages 6 months to 78 (that's not me!). Last night we kicked off the week by having everyone for a cookout.

Everything is ready!

This table won't be empty for long!

Everyone had a good time.

The cousins enjoyed playing with each other.

And on the beach before the rain set in this afternoon.

No quilting this week. I did bring my hand quilting project but as yet haven't found time to work on it yet.