Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

What an interesting holiday this has been. We had two of our children and their whatevers here. A wonderful time was had by all (I hope). I did a lot of cooking and they did a lot of eating.

I was so surprised when I opened my Christmas gift yesterday. Vintage Fiestaware!! I love all the colors and I love the fact that it is old and someone else used and enjoyed it. Isn't it fantastic?

We live in an area that does not get a lot of snow but when a coastal low forms we can be surprised. All of the weather reports yesterday were warning of 6 to 10 inches and they were not wrong. We woke up to snow this morning and it has been snowing all day.

Our daughter and her boy friend from Indiana were scheduled to fly out Monday but they became concerned yesterday that they might not be able to leave. So we spent Christmas day taking them to the airport. I was so disappointed that they had to leave but what are you going to do.

I hope all my blogging friends had a wonderful day and I wish you great sewing in the New Year.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dressing or Stuffing?

Do you stuff your turkey or make dressing? In this part of the country we make dressing. I made the best dressing at Thanksgiving I have ever made. If you want good recipes, go to Never Enough Thyme. I sort of followed her recipe and mine turned out great. Go to the top to the recipe index.

I am also making some of her other recipes this morning.

This is the Redneck Toffee. My daughter in laws mother usually makes this and I love it. It is on the counter cooling right this minute.

I also did the Rolo candy and pretzel thing. So easy and also delicious.

This is my table. My daughter is flying in tonight and she will probably want to do more with it when she gets home. I really enjoy having a beautiful table at special occasions.

Merry Christmas to all of you in blog land.

I haven't done much sewing lately but I plan to hide in my sewing room as soon as this madness is over. Right now I have a refrigerator full of food so if you need me check in the kitchen. We are having a standing rib roast Thursday night with stuffed potatoes. Friday night we are having turkey and dressing and all that goes with it. Christmas morning we will have our traditional breakfast casserole and maybe Mimosas!

The best to all of you. See you in the new year. I have to get back to the kitchen!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Still here

My daughter called and said mom, you haven't posted in a month!! I am still here, still sewing but busy with lots of things this time of year as every one is. I finished a flimsy yesterday using my beloved Disappearing Nine Patch. My DIL gave me some charm squares. I used them and some additional fabric.

Not sure I will get this finished before Christmas. I usually use my dining room table to put together my quilt sandwich.

My dining room table looked so nice at Thanksgiving and I am sort of reluctant to undo it. I have to use it more often this time of year.

When I have had a few minutes I put together some scrap squares. I have no idea what I am going to do with them. My aunt says to keep putting them together until I have a piece big enough for a quilt for my bed!!

I included a star or two . I love how these random scraps go together and make more shapes and designs that you didn't anticipate.

I had to include this precious picture of my older grandson at his preschool Thanksgiving Feast! We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We had 12 here for dinner!! So much fun!