Sunday, August 29, 2010

August Finish

Back to school, back to work, it must be the end of August. I have my grandson's back so sewing has taken a back seat to looking after those boys.

I have been working on this small quilt for a good friend of mine who has a special birthday soon. I did the quilting last Sunday and got the binding on. It was such a fun quilt to work on. It will go in the mail to her today. I cannot give it to her in person. I would fall apart. Good friends are so special.

I used a lot of liberated techniques and ideas in this quilt. In this second picture you can see the fabric on the back.

I used Tonya's liberated letters for the FRIENDS part.

I am making a quilt for my second grandson using a pattern my good friend Helen sent. I just fell in love with this pattern.

I think I will put some HSTs as a border and his name at the top. It is fun to do liberated quilting but also relaxing to do something more traditional.

All of the wonderful giveaways! I can't quite decide how I feel about the GO everyone is crazy about. I guess I don't do enough to use one.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the school year. I still get twinges at the beginning of school. I miss my friends and the excitement of a new school year.

One more thing, my son has a friend whose wife is from France and I am making a baby quilt. Does anyone know where I could get fabric with French words on it to use for the back?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to reality

We have been at the beach with family for the last week or so. We had a ball but I am exhausted. I am ready to get back to my life and my sewing.

I finished this before I left. There is a lot of yellow!

My friend Helen sent me this pattern and I love it. I am doing this for my second grandson. Don't tell but I have yet to make him a quilt.

I love doing liberated but it is relaxing to do something traditional occasionally.

This is my very favorite block. If I ever made a quilt with just two fabrics it would be these two.

Got these great black and white fabrics. I love the summer but the rhythm and routine of regular life are great too.

My little boys are back with me today. I am not sure if I will find time to sew but I will have a good time with them.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

More liberated stars

I have had a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I have been busy with family goings on for the last couple of weeks but now I am doing what I want to do!!
We are having a break in the weather. It has been wonderful this weekend. I pulled some weeds yesterday and I have decided that you never finish weeding you just stop! There are always some more.

This star was made by taking an orange rectangle and cutting it into irregular blocks. I love this method but it can be tedious to be sure you put the square back in the right place.

I love this star, the purple worked out beautifully. I also added the sawtooth to make it work. This is a technique I learned from Gwen Marston. She encourages you to use similar fabrics to make them "overflow". I also had to add a strip to this one to make it fit.

This is one of the panels. I used pieces of fabric and sawtooth to make things fit. I didn't put a lot of contrast in my sawtooth this time. I like the subtle color changes.

This is the other panel. I used the sawtooth in this one too.

I cannot show you the whole thing but this the central part of the quilt. Yes there is a word but i don't want to show the whole word right now. It is a surprise for a special friend.

These colors really speak to me!