Saturday, July 17, 2010

Starz and more

I have been sewing like a demon this week. I have spent hours in my sewing room and having a ball.
I love making these stars and today I was visiting Marit's blog and saw these cross blocks. I think they really complement the stars. They are easy to make but have a big impact. Visit her blog and look at the great things she has done.

I love the way these are turning out.

I also made some Broken Dishes blocks. I love the ways you can put these together.
I am disappointed in this picture. They look much better in person, more impact. I might use them for a border or to fill in spots.

One of my favorite little stars. I am experimenting with using rectangles rather than squares for the stars. Gwen Marston has some examples in her Liberated Quiltmaking II book.

I am using mostly scraps for all the stars I have made. Fun to use them up.

My sweet Gus. We have a big bad summer thunderstorm coming and he does not like storms. He really does not like the thunder.

I am making parts and my aunt and I are going to put her parts and mine together for a couple of quilts. I am planning some sawtooth and some spiky sawtooth border.

We are expecting temps in the high 90s, maybe even 100 this week. I am staying in and sewing!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


My aunt that introduced me to Gwen Marston showed me this Gwenny style top she put together. Very cool!!

Her choice of colors is always great. She does quilts for all the babies in the family and for friend's babies. We are having a baby explosion in our family this spring and summer. We have decided to do some collaborative quilts.

These are some squares she did. Aren't they great?

I love the way she did this four patch as a square in a square. Also, notice the saw tooth she did, very subtle but effective.

After a very busy Fourth of July will all my family at the beach I have had some time to retreat to my sewing room and work. I have been doing the 15 minute thing and that is really fun. I love putting scraps together in random shapes.

I could not resist doing a few stars.

I hope everyone is having a great summer. We are burning up!! It is hot, humid and dry. The kind of day you do not even want to stick your head out!!