Saturday, January 30, 2010


We have snow! That is a very unusual event for us. It is sleeting and snowing this morning. It is also very cold, well cold for us.

If you are used to snow you would really laugh. Everyone is freaking. The grocery stores were slammed yesterday. No one is going anywhere today, everything is closed! What in the world do you do with the dogs when the weather is like this?

We have plenty to eat and plenty of wine. I made a big pot of my own version of pasta fagioli that delicious soup from Olive Garden. I took my own chili recipe and added celery, carrots and small pasta. YUM!

Thanks to Tonya for suggesting I call Gwen with my questions. I talked to her yesterday afternoon and she is so gracious and fun to talk with. I am so excited about working with her for a week. The website says the class is still open if anyone is interested. This is the link to Quilting Adventures.

And our sweet little boy is walking!! He will be one on Tuesday. He and his brother are so precious. The other grandparents are here this week so we get a break.

We are expecting snow and sleet the rest of the day. Guess I will just have to sew!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Very Important Question

My hubby and I have had a wonderful weekend even though we are both fighting a cold that we got from the grandsons. Friday night we had dinner with my uncle and my cousin and his wife at the neatest restaurant about 30 miles from us. It is a very uptown place but in a small town. Great food and always a lot of fun. Saturday night we went to eat steamed oysters with my cousin and his wife. I love steamed oysters although I know that a lot of folks don't. It was a very rustic place. You sit at a bar and someone opens the oysters for you. You have a hot sauce and melted butter. You have to have saltine cracker and beer with them! It is great.

I did have a chance to work on this quilt for a young woman in my Bible study. I really enjoy that group because there are all ages. By the way those clips that look like hair clips are great when you are sewing down the binding. I used flannel on the back. I have never done that before but I really like it.

I also made my version of chicken corn chowder this afternoon. I don't like cream based chowders and this was actually turkey. I used lots of brown rice, carrots, celery and onions. YUM

Ok here is the question. My aunt and I are doing a workshop with Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran in March. You have to make some squares and take them. The directions say "Make at least 6 of the suggested blocks and make no less than 12." Does this mean make 12 of each block you choose? For example, make 12 liberated stars.

Has anyone ever done a The Parts Department workshop with Gwen and Freddy or do you know someone that has? We really need some clarification on what to do.

We are getting together in Chapel Hill this weekend so we can work together. I would really appreciate any input you might give us. Thanks.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fun Weekend

What a fun weekend. I really wanted to make a quilt for one of my young Bible study friends. I had already fussy cut some nursery rhyme fabrics. This went together so easy and I love it. I want to put a small yellow border in addition to the blue. I made one similar to this last spring but used white as sashing.

Guess what came in the mail Friday!!!!! Oh yes Liberated Quiltmaking II.

Gwen has done it again. This new book does not take the place of her first Liberated Quiltmaking but it is very good. I absolutely adore reading Gwen. You can hear her talking when you read it. She does not take herself too seriously. One of my favorite quotes. "This isn't rocket science, all we are doing is sewing pieces of fabric together. " Isn't it the truth? Who cares of the points match? If it is too small add a strip, too large cut it off! You have to get this book!

This is one of Gwen's liberated star quilts.

Gwen spends a good deal of time on her basket quilts. I have to say it doesn't really speak to me right at the moment. I have seen some great basket quilts and maybe it will soon be something I want to try.

We also had a very good service at church today.

I will need to remember my good weekend this week. I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Tuesday. YUK!!! I hear the procedure is no big deal but what you have to do before is pretty bad! Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Busy Boy

I haven't been sewing much and this is why. Our little one is so close to walking. He can crawl faster than you can walk and he is into everything!!! He is helping me sort the mail!

How can you get upset with someone that is that cute?

What is more fascinating than Nana's cabinets? He sure can make a mess!!

I am still working with my blacks and whites. I made a quick trip to the quilt shop yesterday to find some more prints. I love these. Maybe I will have time this weekend to work a bit.

We started a new Bible study last night. We are doing Beth Moore's study of 15 psalms. We are looking as Psalms 120-134, they are called the Psalms of Ascent. Beth went to Jerusalem to film some of the intros. I am very excited about looking at the psalms in detail. One thing I really enjoy is that there are women of all ages in our group. Some of us have been together for a year. One of the young women is having a baby so I thought I would make her one of my nursery rhyme quilts. I have the nursery rhyme fabrics already fussy cut so it is fairly easy to put together.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday to the KING

Today is Elvis's birthday. Lets all pause and remember! Listen to Hound Dog or Love Me Tender or Jailhouse Rock today.

This is my black and white quilt. I am so pleased with the way this is developing. Each square is a little composition. My husband even commented on it and he never says anything about what is on my design wall unless I ask him. He walked in the other day and said wow that looks great. I am trying to put a little color in each block. I would like to make two black and white quilts for the single beds in one of my bedrooms. It will be a long term project, each of these squares is 7 1/2 so I will need at least 88!

I haven't had much time to sew this week. I got my boys back and we all had to get back into our routine. Do you notice my sewing machine calling to me?

There is a great Quilting and Fiber Arts Marketplace in Sanford, NC on Saturday if anyone is in that area. My local quilt shop owner told me about it. They are bringing about 35+ small shops together in one place. Should be fun.