Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Four finishes

Almost four!  I finished the twin quilts.  They are bound and ready for my daughter in law.  I am almost finished with this one.

I posted a picture of this one some time ago.  I was not happy with it at all.  I visited with my aunt a couple of weeks ago and she suggested adding the yellow dots in between the squares in a wonky way.  I used the same yellow for the border and then bound it with a bright red!  I love the way it looks.

The best is the back!  This cute cute circus print.  I added a square of the coordinating print on the front.  This almost makes two quilts in one. 

And this is my challenge piece.  Cottonfields, our local quilt shop sponsored this challenge.  You had to buy two pieces of ugly fabric and then create something that involved birds.  I used Freddy Moran's chickens for inspiration.  My piece is called Chicken House.  The quilts are due August 1 so I am a bit early so don't show it to anyone!!


I hope everyone is having a great summer.  Try and stay cool.  Can you believe this heat?  Here in NC we had 5,  yes 5 days of 3 digit temps last week. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot Summer Afternoon

So so hot here in the South.  So what to do,  how about machine quilt the twin quilts.  Fix a big tall glass of ice water,  turn the radio on,  make sure the AC is cranked up and sew.  The two quilts are similar but different.  Sort of like triangles we studied in Geometry!

This is the second one.  Do you see the difference?
The mother and maybe the father,  I am not sure about that,  went to Virginia Tech with my daughter in law,  so you see the Tech square?

This is a close up of the quilting.  I used a varigated thread in oranges and yellows. 

They both have the same back.  The couple these are for live on a farm in Virginia and my daughter in law asked me to do something in a farm theme.   Now to bind them.

I went to my quilt group yesterday.  There was only one other person there so Lori at Cottonfields helped me pick out a back for the other quilt I am doing for my daughter in law.  This picture is either not very good or I really don't like how this started.  I am going to work with these squares and add something. 

Sometimes an idea just does not work out like I think it will.  Does that ever happen to anyone but me?  Maybe I will add some strips of color to make this wonky.  I want to use these square in some way. 

This is the back that Lori helped my pick out.  I LOVE it!  

I just had to include this picture from early in the summer.  My grandson wanted to be buried in the sand.  As you can imagine it didn't last long.  That boy does not like to be still! 

Ok now what not to do on a hot summer afternoon,  mow grass,  walk around the block,  work in the garden,  in other words,  nothing outside!!