Wednesday, February 11, 2009

2 Woo-Hoos

Tonight is the Dook-Carolina game and we hope that the Carolina team that shows up is the great one. This is one of the greatest rivalry's in the history of basketball dating back to January, 1920. In my family we all will be pulling for the University of North Carolina our states flagship university. Most of the students that attend Duke are not even from North Carolina. These two schools are also less than 10 miles apart. Most of the players are friends off the court but definitely not on the court. We still remember when Gerald Henderson hit Tyler Hasbrough in the face!! And Carolina leads the series 128-97!

The second Woo-Hoo is if you haven't seen a movie in a long time you should think about seeing Slum Dog Millionaire. My daughter and I went to the movie Sunday night. I had not been in a long time. I just don't think about going. This is a wonderful movie. Some violence but not violence purely for the sake of violence. In other words, the good guy wins.

Pull hard for the Heels tonight!!

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