Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I won!!

I finally won a giveaway. I only enter giveaways if it is something I want and I have never won one before. This bag is from upstatelisa. She has a very cool blog and does very creative work.
I am in a sort of black and white phase so this is perfect.

Look at the cool inside. The other neat thing is that this bag is a perfect size for my Kindle. The other day I was thinking I need to look for a bag to carry my Kindle in. I came home and this was in the mail. Thank you so much Lisa, it is perfect.

I promise this is the last time I will post pictures of my grandmother quilt that I found but I had to take a few more with my good camera. I wanted you to see the pattern. Does anyone have any idea what this is called. It is sort of an interlocking nine patch.

My aunt and I are trying to figure out how it was put together.

I am sure she started with the center nine patches and the borders around them. My grandmother used alternating fabrics for the center nine patches and the same fabrics for the border but after that it seems the fabric selection is random.

There is no light next to dark and there are two squares with red plaid right next to each other. In the square here in the center she used several prints and to the left plainer fabrics. This is clearly a utility quilt.

I just had to post this last picture. It seems that my grandmother was liberated! If she got to the end and the squares didn't match she just put them together anyway. If you look at the edge you can see that some squares were cut off!! So cool!!

The back of the quilt is a solid denim color cotton. It is hand quilted in sort of a herring bone pattern. My aunt says it is called elbow quilting. It looks like several people must have done the quilting because some of the lines meet!! My uncle says he remembers my grandmother having a quilt frame that could be lowered from the ceiling or raised when you were not using it.


nanaofnc said...

Congrats on the giveaway win; lovely bag! How blessed you are to have quilting in your blood; and "liberated" quilting to boot! xo,

Barb said...

I love the bag you won!!

Your quilt is just so lovely...I am sure memories just flood your mind of your grandmother.

Helen said...

Lucky you True Blue!!! Fantastic bag!!! and thanks for showing us some more of that beautiful quilt!

Happy Sewing!

Tonya R said...

wonderful! Gwen always says she got her ideas from looking at antique quilts. just such a shame those fun ways of doing things have become so rare.


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