Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Things

We have been at the beach for the last few days.  I finished my black/white quilt top.  I don't have my camera with me so I will post the pictures of that later.  I finished the sawtooth border and it looks great.  My aunt saw it and said the pictures don't do it justice.  She had not seen it in person before.  I always feel a letdown after working and thinking so hard about a quilt.  I worked on those black and white blocks during the winter of 2010.  It is a good feeling to finish but still you have so much thought invested.

Our new quilt group, Non-traditional quilters,  met last Monday at my dear friend Lori's quilt shop,  Cottonfields.  She has a great blog too.  There were only 4 of us,  hopefully there will be more this week.  She showed me curved piecing!  I know should have done it before but I am scared of curves!!  Since I was trying to motivate myself this morning I decided to try it.  Wow!!  It isn't hard at all. 
This is some of the fabrics from my black and white quilt and "shots" of color.  Now I have to decide what to do with it.  I think I will piece the back of the black and white quilt and use it there. I have some great Elvis fabric for the back.  I do love pieced backs.

I have some great starfish fabric that I have had for years.   I was playing with it yesterday afternoon and made these blocks.  Maybe I will make a few more.  It would make a charming quilt.  I thought about black and white log cabins  but I am honestly ready for some color. 

Did you see Tonya's post on Unruly Quilting?  She is trying to do without her rulers!!  I am not sure I am ready to be that liberated!!  I am sure my grandmother never used a ruler or a rotary cutter and she made great quilts.  Tonya also has some links to other blogs with very interesting stuff.  Daintytime is very interesting.  I really like her ideas about Mod Mood Quilts.   I think the first one I posted is sort of a Mod Mood quilt. 


Tonya Ricucci said...

not just trying - AM doing without rulers. at least for this quilt. and probably for many more. is soooo much fun, kinda like when Gwen first liberated me. one more step of freedom. glad you found some non-trad quilters to hang out with - hope you find even more.

elle said...

The shots of colour are perfect!

Lori R said...

Love the curves! Pretty good after a 2 minute paper explanation. Tonya....can you use your rulers to square up at the end? I need my ruler (even if just for straight edges).

Tonya said...

oh the beach, and the NC beach at that...i'm on the pacific coast this week, heading home tomorrow, let me just say...i love the east coast sooo much better

jovaliquilts said...

Your curves are fantastic, and I just love how those brights pop in the black and white! Congrats for trying it!

Helen said...

No beach holiday for us this Easter, but we DID drive down to the Gold Coast yesterday for a morning swim (just lovely) and a coffee.

I bought the curve-master foot last year and still have not played with it! Some curved piecing is in my future, I hope!!

Hope you are having a peaceful and happy Easter,

Anonymous said...

Those curves are ace! And I love the splash of colour too.

Rosalyn Manesse said...

what a good idea--a non traditional quilt type group. When I show my quilts to some quilters they go over like a lead baloon--they think I don't know how to make a proper quilt. I like those quilt blocks that you made