Saturday, September 24, 2011

Starry Nine Patch

Progress on our house is very sloooow.  They came and worked really hard two weeks ago and then we didn't see anyone for 9 days.  It is frustrating.  The room upstairs will have to be stripped down to the studs to be sure there is no water damage in the walls.  The good news is our insurance company has been very cooperative and we will be able to do some overdue updating.  

Thankfully my sewing room was not damaged at all.  I have been doing a little sewing.  My daughter asked me to make a quilt for a co-worker of hers who adopted a baby girl.  My aunt did something similar with nine patches and stars.

Here is a close up.

My husband wants a quilt for the young woman who cuts his hair.  I found this idea at Film in the Fridge.  What a great idea.  I am going to use bright solids between the rows. 

Some of our furniture was damaged by the water coming in the house.  We have made a lot of decisions in the last few weeks.  Hopefully this mess will only last a few more weeks.


Lori R said...

Hang in there! Our repair work isn't even started yet.

On a brighter note: I do love the cheerful starry baby quilt. Bright and happy.

Hope you can get away for a visit sometime!!!

Helen said...

Oh Nancy! it's a testing time, that's for sure. Glad to hear your Insurance Company is playing ball!!

LOVE the quilts! Especially the stars in amongst the squares - so clever and bright!!

Like the slogan says.... "KEEP CALM AND CONTINUE STITCHING!!"

Sharon said...

Oh my, I'm so sorry to hear of the damage to your house. But good news that your insurance is working "right"! I hope your repairs don't take too much longer.

Thank goodness your sewing room didn't suffer! You've made a marvelous quilt for a little girl - just darling! And a good start on the next one too.

Anna said...

Mom, I love the quilt. The colors are so girly, bright and beautiful; and I love the stars nestled amongst the nine patches.