Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Back!

We have been back in our house for about a month.  I have not done much sewing.  If you have ever had any drywall work done in your home you will know how much dusting I have had to do.  It is like talcum powder everywhere you can imagine.  I have also had a lot to unpack and put back.  It was a fun job but didn't leave a lot of time for sewing. 

We visited our daughter in Indiana for Thanksgiving.  She entertained 18 people for dinner.  She did a wonderful job. She used china from both of her grandmothers.

She has a long sun porch which was perfect.  I like it when everyone can sit at the same table.

This is the table she used for the food.  Complete with the guinea hen they brought back from Africa.  

 She used some greenery to decorate each chair. 

This is a quick quilt I made for a young woman who we have known all her life.  She just had her first baby.  She is a very special young woman that has overcome some pretty tough obstacles but is in a very good place right now.  This is a cute way to put a baby quilt together.  The big square are 8 inches square.  

And I left the best till the end.  My daughters fiance has an auction business and he found this in a basement!  I love it.  I have a great sewing machine repairman.  He was not too enthusiastic about my new baby when he saw her but when I went to pick her up he was beside himself.  The only thing he could not fix was the light.  Oh well,  she has a beautiful stitch and I hope to use her a lot in the coming months. 

I am READY to SEW!!!!


Katie said...

What a fabulous setting for a Thanksgiving dinner!

I'm sure you're going to love your Featherweight. There are lots of people online who can help you with fixing the light and maintaining the machine. Let me know if you want some contacts. :-)

Brenda said...

congrats on the new FW! I'm sure you'll love her. my only advice: the FW doesn't like Aurifil thread, but works great with Coats Dual Duty.

Tonya said...

oh wow, i'm loving that white sewing machine......what a great host you had for Thanksgiving

Clare said...
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Clare said...

You lucky lucky thing! My dream machine. There is a Yahoo group for Featherweights where you're bound to be able to find someone on line who can help you fix the light.

Love the chair decos and that sun porch was ideal for that amount of people.

Tonya Ricucci said...

woohoo, the FW is a beauty! glad you're done with the home repairs!

Lori R said...

You have been missed! I love all of the things that you had to show. Looks like it was a very special Thanksgiving.