Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beautiful beach weekend

The beach in NC was beautiful this weekend. Gusman just loves playing Frisbee on the beach and then taking a dip. I honestly think he would rather play Frisbee than eat. We had two almost perfect days on the beach. The only bad thing was that this time of year they allow vehicles on the beach. Our beaches are so fragile why endanger them more than necessary.

Thanks to so many of you for you encouraging words. I have to admit I had a couple of down days last week thinking of how much fun I had with my new quilting friends from Gwen's retreat. Now I have new cyber-quilting friends!

I loved working with solids and I am almost ready (not quite) to throw out all my other fabrics. Gwen says there are so many advantages to working with solids. One is that there is no right and wrong side to the fabric. Some of you asked about the colors. we all chose our colors before we came and almost everyone wished they had brought some color they didn't have. At the last minute I brought some black and I was so glad. Someone brought a bunch of fabric, some hand dyed, for everyone to use. Everybody was so generous and if you didn't have a color someone was quick to say here use some of mine. There was a small quilt shop in Elk Rapids where we could get some colors if we needed to.


Fran -------- --------- -------- said...

Hi Nancy, Welcome to blog land.

I've read your site and I'm envious as old heck about the quilting workshop with Gwen Marsten.
I like her ideas, and let's face it, this lady has had a lot of them. BUT and this is a BIG but......I will do solid color quilts, BUT I'm just not ready to give up my beautiful fabrics.
I worked very hard finding and agonizing over the price of some, rejoicing on the price of others (sales,sales,sales...I LOVE sales)
Anyway I have a half wall in my sewing room that is fabric from floor to ceiling. My DH has traveled many a mile over hill and dale finding these obscure little quilt shops just so I could get 1/2 a yd. of something special. I think it would spell divorce!! if I was ever to tell him I'm giving up all of this.

You see I have the best of BOTH worlds. I have all my goodies and now I can start buying all my solids. MMMmmmm....I wonder how many shades of blue or green or red I can find?? The posibilities are endless!

Wish me happy hunting and shopping.:cD


P.S. Come visit me at my blog "Making Memories One Stitch at a Time"

Sarah E. said...

Hi Nancy! Got your link from Lazy Gal Quilter (*grin*) take lots better pix than I do, and the views are beautiful! I've bookmarked you, keep up the great work! Regards!

Sharon said...

Hi Nancy, welcome to blogland. I found you through Lazy Gal Tonya. Thank you for sharing your experience and photos from Beaver Island Quilt Retreat. I'd love to go someday. *sigh*
Love that happy dog picture!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Welcome to blogging ~ looking forward to following your adventures...
(found you through Tonya R's blog).

Hope you'll visit me at !

Quiltdivajulie said...

Tried to reply to the question you left on my blog, but there was no e-mail link in your profile... I hang maybe 1/4 of my quilts - some are gifted, others are used daily, others are draped over chairs, etc... of all the sleeve instructions I've used, I like this version the best!

Linda said...

Welcome to blogland!
Gusman is adorable! :) Of course play is more important than necessities furmom! lol
Playing with solids sounds fun, but I love fabric with designs - certain fabrics that I would never part with or use (corny I know! lol) are the reason that I was drawn to quilting. I do like the fact that solids are much less complicated though!
So glad some brought fabric to share - nothing more disappointing then wishing you had just a touch of another color/fabric!