Friday, September 26, 2008

more Gwen

It is a gloomy rainy day in eastern NC. the perfect kind of day to escape to your quilting room. And the grandson is at preschool. what a great place for a little one to be on a rainy day.

One of the most fun things Gwen did was floor scrap squares. I was told the first day not to worry about dropping my scraps on the floor! I thought what in the world. We came back from dinner one night and Gwen was walking around gathering scraps off the floor and making little scraps. the first picture is her floor scrap quilt that she put together from week two. She would pick out two scraps, sew them together, square them up and then find a third. She continued doing this until she had a square the size she wanted. it was fascinating to see her work this way.

After that we all got into to making floor scrap square. These are some square I made from scraps picked up off the floor. it was hilarious to see grown women walking around the room looking at the floor picking up pieces of fabric others had dropped.

Several ladies got into making small floor scrap quilts.

More quilts from Show and Tell.

One of the most creative quilts was a quilt done in shades of green with hot pink slivers. it was amazing.


Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Wheee, thank you so much for these photos and telling the story of the quilt. Those tops are all fun but boy, do I love that first one by Gwen.

Lynda said...

Thanks for sharing gorgeous quilts and a tutorial! the only problem with working with scraps, is that it gets hard to throw anything away, and the boxes of scraps never seem to get used up, no matter how many pieces you take out of them!

Kathie said...

oh what fun making little quilts from floor scraps, did everyone do this?
what fun that would be to have a mini show at the end of the retreat of floor scrap quilts!
how many different color solids did you bring with you?
were you able to buy more at the retreat?
I love solids and am using them more and more in my quilts now too.

Joyce said...

Lucky you to go to Gwen's retreat. Floor scraps is a great idea, much better than using the broom.

Clare said...

That first quilt is true Gwen. I love it. Great colours.

I keep every single scrap too. Probably got more scraps that stashh!

Quilt Pixie said...

I'd never thought to square after a couple of scraps before sewing the third.... great tip. THanks. :-)

Nancy said...

Welcome to blogging land! Great posts, I'd love to take one of Gwen's classes some day.

BrendaS said...

Hi; Welcome to blogland. you'll have fun here, I promise. Great quilts from the BI retreat, but I'm doing the opposite of floor scraps today -- I'm cleaning out my sewing space and throwing out scraps (ouch!). but its time to clear out some stuff. and my scraps aren't nearly as pretty as the ones you showed.

StockdaleJo said...

Wow, floor scrap quilts!!!!! what a great idea and isnt the result fabulous

Sheri said...

Been saving small scraps but not knowing what to do with them. Thanks sharing.

mountain-quiltist said...

Nancy...Tonya sent me over here for a look-see and I'm glad she did. Welcome to the world of blogging. I'm still settling in after moving from Boone, NC back to California so haven't been blogging, but am still reading!

belinda said...

ooo...great post.......i think your project could stand next to one of Gwen's proudly......welcome to blogland!