Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good reads

To read or to sew, that is the question. I have had a long run of good books this summer and I thought I would share some of the titles. The first two are by Beth Gutcheon. Beth wrote The Patchwork Primer and taught quilting with her husband Jeffery for years.

Leeway Cottage describes Denmark during WW2. It is excellent if you are at all interested in that time in history. It is appalling what people went through and how brave they were. If you read Leeway Cottage you won't think it is about Denmark in the beginning but stick with it.

The Moolit Cage is about a young woman growing up in Afghanistan during the 1800s. Those Who Save us is also about WW2 and how the lives of normal people who tried to go on living were affected.

Agate Hill is by one of my favorite authors. it is written in diary form about a young woman following the Civil War or as we refer to it in the South, the War of Northern Agression!

I recommend all of these books. A perfect day for me would be at the beach reading in the morning and then sewing in the afternoon.

I did buy some fabric at the quilt shop the other day, a red batik and I found some Jan Mullen fabric on sale. I really like her designs. I bought enough of the Jan Mullin fabric to use as a quilt backing. Her use of color is fantastic. Her designs are wonky (her word).


ellen said...

I came by way of Jacquie's blog. I've enjoyed my visit!
Have you read Enemy Women by Paulette Jiles? I loved it.

The Calico Cat said...

I "heart" Jan Mullen... Her fabric makes it into most of my scrappy & bright quilts.