Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Quilt Show , Partee & Pimento cheese

We had such a good time this weekend. On Friday we went to the Durham Orange Guild Quilt show. The quilts were amazing. I didn't realize the husbands were going. My husband is not at all a quilt nut but he kept coming to get me to show me some wonderful quilt he had found. I was so impressed with the workmanship and design. I met a wonderful long-arm quilter Jan Struble that had done many of the quilts in the show. She showed us a quilt that a woman had found in a pillowcase in a thrift store. It was all a lot of fun and very interesting.
Saturday night we had an engagement party for our daughter. It was really fun. The best thing was everyone in the two families was there. Our future son in law is the son of some of our oldest and dearest friends. We made lots of pictures of both families separately and together. We have known his parents since before they were married. It is so great that the four of us have now grown to 14, soon to be 15!! Our theme for the party was tailgating and we prepared lots of the food ourselves, And as usual great desserts

Including ham biscuits and pimento cheese. I b
et some of you are wondering what pimento cheese is. In my extended family lots of us make pimento cheese and we all make it differently. I grate sharp cheddar and pepper jack cheese and add pimentos (not drained).

You can make any amount. I did about half chedda
r and half jack, if you want it hotter, use more pepper jack. I use enough mayonnaise to hold it together. My aunt makes it and uses cheddar and parmesan. We use it on crackers or to make sandwiches.


karen b said...

I LOVE homemade pimento cheese...never thought of adding any other cheese other than my good ole "rat cheese" (hoop cheese). Thanks for the idea. I also like to add a little sugar in my pimento cheese.

Karen (NC)

craftydiane said...

I love homemade pimento cheese! My Mama used to make it all the time when I was in my early 20's. That's been over 25 years ago. She just used cheddar cheese and pimentos and mayonnaise! It's nice to see someone else who likes it!
Have a Blesses Day,

Paula said...

All southerners know what pimento cheese is. You couldn't have a church social without it!! LOL

Cher said...

sounds like a wonderful party and great food