Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Go Away Rain!

We had a wonderful relaxing weekend. Does this looked relaxed to you? Would you believe he didn't catch a thing! But he had a good time.

We are having some work done to the outside of our house and the first thing that was done was to take out a huge pine tree that was right in front of our front door. I am always amazed at folks that take down trees.

This guy took a chain saw and laid the tree right down in the only place in the front yard where there was enough room! The next thing is to put the roof on but we are getting the remnants of Hurricane Ida and it has rained all day. Good for me because I was in the studio sewing all day. I will post pictures soon! But bad for what we need done.

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jacquie said...

glad he could get some fishing in before Ida came! looks really relaxing to me.