Saturday, November 7, 2009

Flat Boy

My cousin's son is in the second grade and he has a little friend who we will call Flat Boy. Flat Boy is traveling around to friends and family and keeping a journal of his adventures. We were lucky enough to have Flat Boy spend a couple of days with us.

He met our dog Gus.

He had breakfast with us one morning. You have to look closely, that is him in the middle of the table in front of the sausage.

He even was able to go to school with our grandson one day.

It has been so much fun having Flat Boy stay with us and he is no trouble at all. I am anxious to see what other places he gets to travel to.

I haven't been sewing much this week. I am still working on my Snails Trail. I ran by the fabric store the other day. I only had a minute and I needed one specific color, sort of a azure blue and believe it or not they had the exact color I needed. How many times does that happen?


BlueRidge Boomer said...

We have had several "Flat Boys" visit the parks this summer.....i think this is a great project!!


Mrs Moen said...

What a great project!
I agree, you almost never find the perfect fabric when you are looking for one:-)

Barb said...

I had flat Stanley come to visit me twice, it was so fun to do that for the young boys back home.

Anna said...

That is really just too cute!!

ROZ said...

Our flat boy traveled from California to Canada and to the east coast. That was some years ago, and he was mailed to relatives in several places.