Sunday, August 29, 2010

August Finish

Back to school, back to work, it must be the end of August. I have my grandson's back so sewing has taken a back seat to looking after those boys.

I have been working on this small quilt for a good friend of mine who has a special birthday soon. I did the quilting last Sunday and got the binding on. It was such a fun quilt to work on. It will go in the mail to her today. I cannot give it to her in person. I would fall apart. Good friends are so special.

I used a lot of liberated techniques and ideas in this quilt. In this second picture you can see the fabric on the back.

I used Tonya's liberated letters for the FRIENDS part.

I am making a quilt for my second grandson using a pattern my good friend Helen sent. I just fell in love with this pattern.

I think I will put some HSTs as a border and his name at the top. It is fun to do liberated quilting but also relaxing to do something more traditional.

All of the wonderful giveaways! I can't quite decide how I feel about the GO everyone is crazy about. I guess I don't do enough to use one.

I hope everyone is having a great start to the school year. I still get twinges at the beginning of school. I miss my friends and the excitement of a new school year.

One more thing, my son has a friend whose wife is from France and I am making a baby quilt. Does anyone know where I could get fabric with French words on it to use for the back?


ROZ said...

I love that "Friend" quilt, and what a lovely idea that is!

Helen said...

Your "FRIENDS" quilt is so beautiful - I'm sure the lucky lady who receives it will love it!!

Your "STARS" quilt is looking fantastic! Glad you liked the pattern!

I'll keep my eye out for "France" fabric. My LQS did have some, and I have a 30cm cut of "Paris Cats", I'll send you a pic, no words on it but it's a nice design. Brown and pink with a tinge of green.

Happy Sewing!

elle said...

Yes, September is about to begin. Great quilt. Wish I was your friend!

Barb said...

Oh...that first quilt is just adorable, you friend will totally love it!

Frog Quilter said...

Have you tried Mary Jo's in NC?

Tonya R said...

what a wonderful sweet gift from a true friend! has lots of Eiffel Tower prints and one fabric that says amour...

QuiltingFitzy said...

OH! I love your Friend quilt. I'm a mushy push-over too, I fall apart all the time. This gives me a great idea for the lady who requested I write her resignation letter. It was pretty emotional, and I so wasn't ready.

I love your utility quilting, I'm just not into the fluffy stuff, lol.

Can't help you about the fabric search, but you can probably find something in google by typing in 'french word fabric'.

Carol E. said...

What is the GO everyone is crazy about? Love the Friend quilt!

Diane said...

What a cheerful, fun quilt! You're a good friend.