Sunday, August 1, 2010

More liberated stars

I have had a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I have been busy with family goings on for the last couple of weeks but now I am doing what I want to do!!
We are having a break in the weather. It has been wonderful this weekend. I pulled some weeds yesterday and I have decided that you never finish weeding you just stop! There are always some more.

This star was made by taking an orange rectangle and cutting it into irregular blocks. I love this method but it can be tedious to be sure you put the square back in the right place.

I love this star, the purple worked out beautifully. I also added the sawtooth to make it work. This is a technique I learned from Gwen Marston. She encourages you to use similar fabrics to make them "overflow". I also had to add a strip to this one to make it fit.

This is one of the panels. I used pieces of fabric and sawtooth to make things fit. I didn't put a lot of contrast in my sawtooth this time. I like the subtle color changes.

This is the other panel. I used the sawtooth in this one too.

I cannot show you the whole thing but this the central part of the quilt. Yes there is a word but i don't want to show the whole word right now. It is a surprise for a special friend.

These colors really speak to me!


Carol E. said...

I went back and caught up on older posts. I am loving all the liberated stuff you're doing. Love the red/black quilt you made for the college girl, and your hubby did great on choosing the backing. I love that he felt a draw to helping create that one. Love all your starz and beautiful colors!!!!

Barb said...

Love the colors....

Helen said...

Hi True Blue!

As always, your liberated sewing is a masterpiece!! Your colours are perfect!

I bet you were listening to Elvis when you were sewing!!!

elle said...

These shaped starz are very cool. The colours are just great!

Tonya R said...


ROZ said...

It's like putting together a puzzle. Love the color choices!

Anonymous said...

This is going to be fab! I love the colours and the orange one especially!