Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interesting weekend

Friday was a very interesting day. Neither of my grandsons go to preschool on Friday. The oldest one came in complaining about his tummy. Before I knew it he had thrown up. He seemed to get much better and we went to visit my husbands aunt. She of course gave the boys a little snack. Before we got home the oldest one said Nana I don't feel so good and he threw up all over himself, the car and me!! I knew we were in trouble when the ginger ale came back up. Fortunately he is fine now!

I got up early Saturday morning to go to the quilt show with my aunt and two cousins. But first she had to show me what she had done. She worked the last two weeks and made all four of these quilts. I posted them before but she has now put them together and put a border on two of them. Aren't they fantastic?

I love this border.

Look at the way she extended the little strip she put in this one!

Darling quilts.

My aunt does not like the color of this one as much as I do.

We had a great time at the quilt show. I will post more pictures later. This is the grand prize winner and unfortunately I didn't get the name of the quilter. Can you believe this? Amazing.

I am working on putting the binding on Tiger in the House. What do you think? I stole the border idea from my aunt! SHH, don't tell.


Barb said...

I hate throw any fun but glad all is well now.

Love love the quilts...

elle said...

I like the extended border and use it as a thin inner one. Sometimes I do a last barder in the log cabin style so it isn't symetrical.My weekend was less of an upheaval than yours! ;)