Thursday, March 10, 2011

Off to the Windy City.

Off to the Windy City in the morning. I am taking my 4 year old grandson. I love to see people's expression when I tell them that just the two of us are going. It is either "Have you lost your mind?" or " That will be great fun!"

My daughter lives in Valparasio, Indiana. We are going to visit her.

This is what we saw when we went in June! What kind of city lets dinosaurs walk around everywhere!! We are going into the city to the Field Museum on Saturday. My grandson is very excited about seeing Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Does anyone know of any wonderful quilt shops in that area? I might be able to persuade my daughter to let me have a few minutes in one.

Thanks also for the condolences on my mother's death.

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Anna said...

I am so excited!!!