Monday, February 6, 2012

Creative Energy

My aunt and I got together for a quilting weekend this past weekend.  When I cleaned out my mothers house I found about 130 nine patches that she had made but never put together.  I wanted to share these with my aunt.  She inspired me to begin quilting.  I will never forget her showing my Gwen Marston's Liberated Quiltmaking! 

These are the blocks laid out on the bed.  This was ok but didn't really speak to us.

I tried a piece of Persian Blue as striping.  WOW!  It made such a difference.  I wish I knew more about how colors relate to each other. 

Mother used several pieces of plaid seersucker.  She has a bunch that were a red and blue plaid on a white background.  This is a close up of some of the squares.  I sewed them together in groups of 4 and set them on point.  

Now all I have to do is to finish sewing all these blocks together and come up with some cool border.   I was thinking maybe a spiky sawtooth but I am not sure.  Maybe I should do something with blocks.  I was thinking I would do something with solids.

This is the view from my aunts front porch.  This view might be the reason for all our creative energy,  so beautiful.  We had dinner with our husbands at night and a great brunch on Sunday.  It was close to a perfect weekend.

 The idea was for my aunt to have half the squares and both of us will have a quilt that mother started.  It is our way of honoring and remembering her.  My aunt is going to use the square in a square idea and bright colors. 

Darn!  I hope I don't like her quilt more than mine!!!

She is also working on a Grandmother's Garden quilt.  She likes to have some hand work and she is doing all of this by hand.  Her quilt group gave her some floral prints to use.   Very cool. 

It is unbelievable how inspiring and motivating it is to work with a talented quilter.  My aunt and I would love to do this every few months.  We both got so much done and feel so motivated.  


elle said...

How great to collaborate! Now I have to tell you I quite liked that first photo. Kinda smooshed all together and I'd have added some spikey, brighter inserts. How cool that we all see things differently.

Anna said...

I love the persian blue in between the blocks! They look great! I wonder who you could be making this quilt for

Carol E. said...

Great story and beautiful quilt work being done. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

It is so fun to have a collaborative weekend! I just recently had one with my sister, although we weren't sewing. And what a find - all those blocks that your Mom made. I like what you're doing with them.