Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I felt like an archeologist when I was cleaning out some of my mothers stash a couple of weeks ago. I am sure archeologists have the same questions I did when they find something.  If you want to know what will happen to your UFOs and fabrics when you don't need them any more I can tell you.  I threw a lot away.  Lots of the fabrics were dated calico prints but I found some real treasures.

My mother loved what she called the Dutch Doll pattern.  She made myself and each one of her 3 granddaughters a quilt using this pattern.  I found squares she had completed but never made into a quilt.  I also found parts to make more Dutch Dolls.  When and/or if I have a granddaughter I can use these squares to make her a beautiful quilt that was started by her great grandmother. 

I found 96 triangles already cut from this print.  I am so-so about this print and there was not any more of it.

I wanted to make something for my church's annual Spring Fling.  I thought why not use these triangles that are already cut.  I decided on the zig zag pattern.  The Modern Quilt Guild website is featuring Use what you have and that is what I did.

Now this I want you to see!  This is the first arrangement which is the traditional way of doing it.

I was looking at it on my design wall one day and thought why not do something else.  I flipped the orange section and look at this!!!

It makes the design so much more modern!  I used a dark navy with pindots for the border which I haven't done yet.  I really like the progression of the colors.  The red is the only color that is actually in the triangle fabric but I really like the way the yellow, orange and purple look with it.

I found this tool in my mothers stash.  Does anyone know what it is or how to use it

And believe it or not I found more triangles already cut and squares sewn together in my mothers stash.  I would love to know what she was thinking of when she cut these pieces.  She preferred to use templates to cut her pieces.  I found several cardboard templates.  It made me feel so close to mother looking through her fabric.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Try visiting Jo's site to see how she uses the ruler (and Bonnie H uses one all the time).

Love the look on your design wall!

Barb said...

It is always fun to find stuff....

Char said...

Bonnie Hunt had comments about the angle templete on her post today. Think you would enjoy her pictures of using it.

Lori R said...

Yes, I can tell you about the easy angle. It is a GOOD tool.

Katie said...

The Easy Angle is a great tool. There are various tutorials around online. Enjoy! "-)

Anonymous said...

Wow Nancy - that Dutch Doll is absolutely stunning. I'm sure any quilt that includes it will be thoroughly treasured for the history in it.

Clothed in Scarlet said...

I really enjoyed your post! My Granny called that pattern Dutch girl too! Most of what I have seen on the internet, referred to this as Sunbonnet Sue. But it seems, here in NC there are people who refer to them as Dutch Girl :o) You're lucky that you have some of them from your momma! I have some dresden plates that Granny put together and yeah the fabric is awful but it's my intentions to find some fabric that will work to my liking! Congrats on your find!