Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My email was hacked yesterday.  If I you got an email from me on Tuesday afternoon do not open the link.  I was really surprised that I got hacked.  I have a MacBook and I thought they didn't get hacked.  My daughter changed my password and I thought the problem was solved and then Hotmail locked my email account down last night.  I had to jump through all kinds of hoops to get it back up. 

I had some time over the weekend and I continued my paper piecing project.  I appreciate all the advice.  I am not sure how I feel about paper piecing.  For one thing it is tedious!  I love the result but it sure takes some time to get there.  My main problem is not cutting my scraps big enough.

This is my quilt top for our church's Spring Fling.  Now I have to sandwich it and quilt it.  I used the triangles I found in my mothers stash. 
I love the effect of the bright colors,  very dramatic.

I thought I would do something smaller for the church sale.  I have this darling nursery rhyme print.

I have used that print a number of times and I really like it.  It makes two quilts in one!  I made my neighbor one when her little girl was born and she enjoyed using the print to tell her daughter nursery rhymes at bed time.  This is the front,  nothing spectacular. 

I am having issues with my left hand which is really crazy since I am so right handed.  I went to the doctor and I have arthritis at the base of my thumb.  Does anyone know of a brace that might work better than this one?  I refuse to quit sewing!  I need support at the base of the thumb almost at my wrist. 

No post in March would be complete without a shout out to my beloved Tar Heels!  What a great win over our arch rivals Dook on Saturday.  Even their coach said they were "overwhelmed".  Also our Big Z (Tyler Zeller) is ACC player of the year.   Lets hope our guys can maintain this momentum into March Madness!  There won't be much sewing the next few weeks but lots of basketball.

As Kenny Smith said "There's only one blue!! No explanation needed".  Sorry I do tend to get a bit excited about Carolina basketball. 


Clare said...

I got an email from you late last night and couldn't think which Nancy it was from.

Love that triangle unit. The colours are really punchy.

Can't help about the thumb, but have you tried the Handeze gloves

Quiltdivajulie said...

Wear the brace you show in the photo when you sleep (awkward as it may be). I have arthritis in the base of both thumbs and I have not stopped sewing - but 99% is now done using the machine (almost zero hand stitching). BioFreeze (or similar product) helps when you've over done it -- and good old ice is always a help when the ache starts.

Best wishes!!

elle said...

Too late! But if I'd followed my first instincts I'd not have opened it. I'll be ready for the next time. Those fish are impressive. Sorry about the thumb.

Sharon said...

I got an email from you too, but the subject line looked suspicious so I deleted it. Stupid hackers!!

Your fish are looking good! Yes, p.p. is tedious, but the only way to achieve some things.

Julie is right - wear that brace at night and whenever else you can. I too have arthritis in my hands/thumbs and know your pain. Use ice to keep the swelling down, then heat to soothe. 10 min of each, back and forth. It helps more than either by itself. The Handeze gloves are good for when you're cutting fabric or other sewing when you can't wear the brace. They support and keep the joint warm. Good luck!

The zigzag quilt is great!

Carol E. said...

I have the same left thumb problem. Someone (I forget who, but I think she's in the medical field) said this is VERY common. I have not had mine diagnosed, but it may be arthritis, too. What a nuisance. And, yes, Iagree about paper piecing.. it is tedious, but the results can be gorgeous. I can only do it on rare occasions when I'm in the right mood.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you were hacked. I got the email too, but figured it was something like that so didn't open it.

Your fish are going great, although I totally understand about the amount of fabric it uses. It's so much more than you think it should take!