Monday, March 16, 2009

Seed Project

My daughter and I decided to do a little seed project with our grandson. We went to the local hardware store and bought several packets of seed, some flowers, basil, and pumpkins. She thought it would be fun for them to make a huge mess and paint some small flower pots so he could share his plants with his preschool teacher and maybe his mom.

Wow maybe we have a budding artist, definitely modern art.

We found these neat little peat pots to put the seeds in.

Wow! look what they have done in just one week.

Fascinating to a two year old. He has a hard time realizing that little shoot could grow his Halloween pumpkin.

My mother is in a skilled nursing facility about 30 miles away. It is a beautiful ride through farm land. My husband has been watching a nest way up in a tree. One day there were two white heads in the nest. We think this is an eagle's nest. Unfortunately the day we saw the eagles we didn't have a camera. This is the nest. It is huge and way up in a tree. The river runs approximately parallel to the road and we read that eagles like to be near water.
There are so many amazing things around us if we just take a little time and look.


ROZ said...

That is such a cute picture of the little boy with his plants. I planted kale in a flower pot on my patio. It came up, but not big enough to eat yet.

Sharon said...

What a great shot of the eagle's nest. We live on a small lake, and get to see an eagle almost every day! I never thought I would get to live where I could see that. He seems to like the ducks that live here, but rarely gets one. The one sea gull that hangs out here chases the eagle away...Crazy bird! Reminds me of Finding Nemo..."mine, mine!"

Glad to hear your Mom gets to come home...that's really good news!