Monday, July 13, 2009


I added borders to the two quilts I am making for friends of my daughter in law. I thought the pinwheel quilt had enough movement and needed a plain border. I really like this quilt. I will definitely use the pinwheel idea again. It is very versatile. I have a really cute print with trains for the back.

I gave the star quilt a pieced border. There is some blue in the dots and I wanted to introduce a bit of blue into the border. I enjoy a whimsical border. This is for my daughter in law's friend that lives in Germany. I have a cute animal print for the back of this one. My goal this week is to machine quilt both of these.

My goal last year was to teach myself to hand quilt. Life got in the way but I really want to do it. I tried it a bit yesterday. I can't decide whether to use a hoop or not. I want some portable handwork and this would be perfect. I am thinking of hand quilting Owie's whale quilt.

QUESTION: How about combining hand and machine quilting? Machine quilt the long lines and then go back and hand quilt small areas.

I am absolutely fascinated by Gari's Snail Trails blocks. I would love to do a quilt like this with two colors or be a copycat and use batiks like Gari is using. I wonder if you can liberate this pattern. It starts out with a four patch and you add triangles to make the "path". I just love what Gari has done, very impressive.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

love your quilts and the hand quilting is great. so so much better than mine.

Lurline said...

The combination of hand and machine quilting work beautifully - I'm a lap quilter and that suits me fine!
Hugs - Lurline♥

GARI said...

Thank you for the very nice words. You made me blush. lol

Sharon said...

Your quilts look great - and good choices for the borders.

No reason not to combine hand and machine quilting if you want to! I never used a hoop for quilting. Couldn't get used to it, and I did a better job without one. I think Tonya's got some info on quilting on her tutorials, and she doesn't use a hoop either.

You know, I've done a Snail's Trail and I think you could probably "liberate" it. I think you'd want to keep it simple, but it would work. Why not just try one block?

Anonymous said...