Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Floating stars

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions about my liberated stars. My aunt who has seen the squares in person said sew them together and I did. When you do that they seem to float over the dots.

My project next week will be to do a dynamic pieced border. I want to add some blue to the border along with the print, orange and yellow. Notice the Virginia Tech square at the bottom. This is for a college friend of my daughter in law.

I also want to do something for another friend of my son and daughter in law that lives in England. I drew my little sketch and I thought I had my mind made up. I did this square this afternoon and it just does not speak to me. I thought I would love the teal and it is ok but it does not look good with what I want to put on the back. I think I will use more primary colors. Oh well!

I could not resist any longer. I had to have Gwen and Freddy's new book. A lot is a repeat of the first book but there is so much more. I am taking this with me to the beach this weekend. I will be busy.

I also got another book that is very interesting. Janet Berlo is a writer and she used quilting to over come her writers block. She writes a lot about women and this book explores how quilting fits into our lives. For example are you in another zone when you go into your studio? Do you constantly think about color and pattern. One of the very interesting things she discusses is how it is ok not to finish a quilt . In most other aspects of our lives we always try to finish what we start but we can start a quilt and finish it years later or even do a few blocks and abandon the whole thing. Much of what she discusses is how so many of us love the process of making quilts even more than the finished product.

I hope all of you have a glorious holiday. Take care and don't eat too many hot dogs!


GARI said...

I agree that it is the process of quilt making that is the most enjoyable. And, I have found that I can have unused blocks lying around and someday I can find a new use for them: see Quilt in a Cup.

Bebesboutique said...

I love the way the stars float!

I can't wait to get that Freddy and Gwen book. Their first one is a huge inspiration for me.

I DO go into another zone when I enter my sewing cave especially when my muse hits me.

Have a good holiday.

belinda said...

Great for your floating stars...can't wait for the finish...hey...I wanted to see the sketch you did of the other quilt you are thinking about!!!
That look like a really interesting book...I may have to see about guys have fun for the weekend too!!!

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