Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I am still trying to decide how to make my house quilt. I really want to make a quilt for my grandson's preschool to auction off. On the other hand what if no one wants it!! Last year they did a silent auction so you can see what folks are bidding . YIKES!!!!

I was thinking of making small houses using novelty prints. I made this house on Sunday and I DO NOT like it at all. I can't figure out why I don't like it but I really don't. I love the print and I like the orange with it but this does not speak to me at all.

I made this house this afternoon and I like this much better. I made a few 12 1/2" houses earlier in the summer and I think I am going back to this idea. I am thinking of using prints for the houses but then you don't want them chopped up to put in the window and the door. It might distort the prints. I really like the navy blue dots for the roof. By the way are two roofs, rooves or roofs?

I am still working on hand quilting my grandson's quilt. I am quilting a wavy line to make it look like water. I like to do it at night while we are watching tv but lately I have been too exhausted to do anything but pass out on the couch. I have a couple of days vacation because the other grandparents are here. My plan is to stay in my studio!!

I know you can't see this too well, maybe this one is better.


luv2quilt2 said...

Don't you just love hand quilting? It's such a relaxing way to spend the evening tv time.

Quilt Pixie said...

I really like the novelty prints for the houses... wonder if the doors and windows could be fused appliqued on top so you didn't "wreck" the prints?

Barb said...

Sure they will love it...and it will auction well...love your houses, both of them.

Cheryl Arkison said...

I agree with the comment about fusing the windows and doors on to save the print.
And I think the top one doesn't work because it doesn't have a door.
Also, what about outlining each house with a line of black thread, like it was a drawing? You could quilt it that way.

belinda said...

Hey...I like the first one...the door is just on the other side where we can't see it!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on not liking the first house. I like the second one though. I think it's because looks more house-y with a window and a door!