Saturday, September 12, 2009

Find Stanley

Can you find Stanley in the flowers? A lot of you post pictures of your cats and I didn't want Stanley to feel left out. We got Stanley and his brother that we thought was his sister together about 11 years ago. Sammy who originally was Stella met an unfortunate end. I have never seen an animal grieve but Stanley was miserable without his brother. He is fine now, hangs out with the dogs most of the time. Check at the bottom to see where Stanley is.

Cleaned up this morning and sewed this afternoon. I put the border on the rail fence quilt I am doing and I really like it. I will definitely use this again. It goes together quick and I love the way it looks.

I finished the house I started the other day. I borrowed this idea from Sarah at House of Krom. Now I need some suggestions. I was thinking maybe strong primary and secondary colors for the roof but I can't quite decide. What about sashing? I like the blue for the background but maybe a soft yellow would work too. I really love making houses and these simple ones are quick.

I have plenty of novelty prints to use for the houses. I notice that Sarah used prints for the house and the roof.

Ok, here is Stanley. Doesn't he look comfortable? A beautiful day, laying in the flowers, what more could a cat want.


Barb said...

Love your rail fence...and house blocks.

Lurline said...

Nice Eye Candy and doesn't Stanley look happy!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Sharon said...

I love your rail fence. . . great fabric choices for it. The dots are too cute. That's a happy quilt. . . nice job!

Stanley looks pretty happy there!

Anonymous said...

I love the colours in your rail fence quilt and the dotty fabric is great!
For the house blocks, I think I prefer 1 over 2, possibly because the house shape is clearer when the roof fabric hasn't got a big print. I have no idea about sashing. I've never used it, but then I've only made 3 quilts so far! How about making more blocks and then taking pics of them together without sashing and see what you think?

Mrs Moen said...

Cool houses! I think I would go for the strong primary and secondary colours for the roofs and
bright sashings as well to make the lovely light blue (and/or soft yellow) backgrounds stand out.

belinda said... how do you think Stanley feels about being
'plastered' A-L-L over blogland??
Does he know he will be famous now?
He will be know far and wide!!!
As for your little houses...if you use the blue for your house back-
ground...then use the yellow for your sashing...or vice versa. I like to mix printed fabrics for both roof and house too, but I think one with a solid roof/house
body thrown in there somewhere would add interest too!!
Yeah for your rail fence...I like the colors you put together!!

Carol E. said...

Here's a great book you should read, Chosen by a Horse. That's all I'm going to say about it!