Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two Finished

I got the binding on these two last night, ready to send to my DIL but they are traveling over the Labor Day holiday, out of the country so I will wait until they get back. The first one is for their friends that are avid sports fans.

I know I have shown the second one before but I am just so crazy about it I had to show you the finished product.

I have seen a couple of quilts lately don't in the rail fence pattern and I was intrigued. It is simple as you know but I had never used it before. I was fascinated with what you could do with the colors. This is on my design wall. I just love the way I was able to arrange the orange and purple. I actually planned to include blue and green but this old math teacher forgot that 3 X 6 = 18. I cut three 2 1/2 inch strips of each color and sewed three together and then cut 6 1/2 inch blocks. I got 6 blocks out of every width. I should have only cut 2 widths of each color but oh well.

This is the back.

Here are my two boys! They are really busy.

How long before this little one crawls? NOT LONG! And then won't Nana be busy.

One of my very favorite bloggers Finn over at Pieces from My Scrapbag blogged about September being a time to remember. We had a good summer of ups and downs. I am still dealing with my mother at home with full time help. She has good days and bad days and it seems like no matter what you do it isn't enough. I have learned not to try to make her happy and that makes me sad because I would so like for her to be happy. I try to concentrate on other things. I try to take food when I can and take the boys a couple of times a week. I somehow thought when you got older life would get a little easier. I am not complaining at all. We are so fortunate in many ways. I know so many that are out of work. It is hard to get laid off when you are retired. I try to look at the good things in life and there are a lot. For example the blogging community!!


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

i love those quilts nana......and i even love those boys more.

GARI said...

I understand, I think, about the difficulty you have with your mother. Mine, 87, still lives on her own but is unhappy with everything and everybody and she likes to spread it around. I stopped trying to make her happy a long time ago but it, too, makes me sad that she is ending her life so miserably. Nice you can see her frequently: mine is 450 miles away.

Barb said...

love all your quilts...and i just did a rail fence last night....will be on my blog soon. Have a safe trip.

Sharon said...

Your quilts look wonderful. I'm sure they'll be loved by the recipients.

I love Rail Fence too. It's such a simple pattern, but also can be complex, like what you have on your wall. Yours has a 3-D look to it that is intriging. I've made one and would like to do another someday.

Dealing with an elderly parent is challenging. I understand, and my thoughts are with you.

Mrs Moen said...

The quilts are so bright and lovely and your grandsons so cute! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog; it was so nice to hear from a true blue nana (that probably would have been my mom's nickname as well...). I have visited your blog before, but did not figure out how to leave a comment, so now I have a Google Account:-)

belinda said...

I'm just so impressed you got two projects 'completely' finished!!! I am soooo trying to get borders on 3 quilts so they can be sanwiched and ready to quilt....oh, I guess I need to do the backs too before I can sandwich them...darn...I forgot that part!!!
I am crazy over your rail fence quilt...it is going to be FAB!!!
And I'll take those 'babies' off your hands anytime you want!!!

Karen said...

Wonderful quilts!