Thursday, January 14, 2010

Busy Boy

I haven't been sewing much and this is why. Our little one is so close to walking. He can crawl faster than you can walk and he is into everything!!! He is helping me sort the mail!

How can you get upset with someone that is that cute?

What is more fascinating than Nana's cabinets? He sure can make a mess!!

I am still working with my blacks and whites. I made a quick trip to the quilt shop yesterday to find some more prints. I love these. Maybe I will have time this weekend to work a bit.

We started a new Bible study last night. We are doing Beth Moore's study of 15 psalms. We are looking as Psalms 120-134, they are called the Psalms of Ascent. Beth went to Jerusalem to film some of the intros. I am very excited about looking at the psalms in detail. One thing I really enjoy is that there are women of all ages in our group. Some of us have been together for a year. One of the young women is having a baby so I thought I would make her one of my nursery rhyme quilts. I have the nursery rhyme fabrics already fussy cut so it is fairly easy to put together.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

how cute, that's right how can you be mad at him? love those fabrics

Barb said...

I love your little cute....and those black and what fabrics are awesome!!

elle said...

aw, a quilterette! 8^) Just when colour fills the shelves you discover the wonder of black and white. Move over colours! And then there are circles! yum!

ROZ said...

What a darling child