Sunday, January 24, 2010

Very Important Question

My hubby and I have had a wonderful weekend even though we are both fighting a cold that we got from the grandsons. Friday night we had dinner with my uncle and my cousin and his wife at the neatest restaurant about 30 miles from us. It is a very uptown place but in a small town. Great food and always a lot of fun. Saturday night we went to eat steamed oysters with my cousin and his wife. I love steamed oysters although I know that a lot of folks don't. It was a very rustic place. You sit at a bar and someone opens the oysters for you. You have a hot sauce and melted butter. You have to have saltine cracker and beer with them! It is great.

I did have a chance to work on this quilt for a young woman in my Bible study. I really enjoy that group because there are all ages. By the way those clips that look like hair clips are great when you are sewing down the binding. I used flannel on the back. I have never done that before but I really like it.

I also made my version of chicken corn chowder this afternoon. I don't like cream based chowders and this was actually turkey. I used lots of brown rice, carrots, celery and onions. YUM

Ok here is the question. My aunt and I are doing a workshop with Gwen Marston and Freddy Moran in March. You have to make some squares and take them. The directions say "Make at least 6 of the suggested blocks and make no less than 12." Does this mean make 12 of each block you choose? For example, make 12 liberated stars.

Has anyone ever done a The Parts Department workshop with Gwen and Freddy or do you know someone that has? We really need some clarification on what to do.

We are getting together in Chapel Hill this weekend so we can work together. I would really appreciate any input you might give us. Thanks.


Barb said...

Sorry, no oysters for me. You soup looks good and so does the quilt you made!!!!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

love that quilt....NO OYSTERS. lol

elle said...

I've not done a workshop but I'm thinking you are on the right track. It kinda sounds like a lot of blocks but then you have a head start on a quilt that will evolve during the class. How long is the class? Do they have a website you can query? How very exciting, I'm a tad green.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

hmm, not sure how to interpret those instructions either. why not just call Gwen and ask? Her phone number is on her webpage.

Carol E. said...

Great question that is impossible to answer. I like Tonya's advice.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if it's a typo - perhaps it was meant to be "make at least 6 and make no MORE than 12"?

But Tonya's advice to call is good - that way you'll know for sure what you're meant to do.

ROZ said...

Wow! going to the workshop! what fun

Quiltdivajulie said...

LUCKY YOU getting to go to one of her workshops. I agree with Tonya - call and ask - but if you don't want to, just make a dozen of each block knowing that they will be put to AWESOME use one way or another . . . you are going to have SO much fun!!!!!

Nanci said...

Here in Canada, and for me here in Whitby, Ontario, I have never seen advertised a workshop by well known quilters.
Lucky you.
I love Gwen's new book and am looking online today to purchase it.
A great blog by the way. And also thanks for visiting my blog.
I sometimes add mashed potatoes to thicken a soup such as yours.