Wednesday, May 5, 2010


What is better than lunch and an afternoon with your cousin? Lunch and an afternoon quilting with your cousin! Our grandmother always quilting and my cousin is getting interested and finding she is obsessed too! We both agreed that we would spend hours working with fabric and quilting if we could.

One of my cousin's daughters had a baby boy in February and her other daughter is having a baby boy in June so she will have her hands full. This first quilt is for the one that is already here.

She did a great job. I love love the red sashing. It just makes the squares pop!

This one is for her grandson that is coming in June. Her daughter had used the plaid to make some tabs for curtains for the babies room. Another quilting friend helped her with this one. She had made some blocks and her friend cut it and turned them all on point! It looks great. Her other friend has a long arm machine and did a wonderful job of quilting.

We are hoping that the three of us can spend a day quilting soon. Of course my cousin and I laugh and cut up so much I am not sure how much we will get done.

Family is so important to me. When ever I feel down I think about how fortunate I am to be born in the family I have. We are a big southern family and we love getting together.

I could not resist showing you my best Hosta. I love Hostas, the others are not big at all but this one is beautiful. My day lillies are healthy and I hope will bloom soon. They are my very favorites.

Big weekend planned. Our baby is getting her MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has a job in Chicago and is moving on Monday. I am happy for her but very sad that she is leaving. I want her to fly but I wish she was not flying so far away.


nanaofnc said...

Happy for you that you have a cousin to share your quilting interest. Sad for you that your little bird is flying so far from the nest. Thankfully, we live in the time of email and all, so we're never all really that far apart. xo,

elle said...

How great to have quilters in the family! Such fun.

Barb said...

Oh the quilt is just so fun....and yes, gotta love family!

Anonymous said...

What must be must be.......................................................

Cathie said...

Hi Nana! Stumbled on your blog from Barb's (corgi) blog. I too am in NC. I too quilt. I too have TWO corgis! Congrats on your little girl growing up to be such a fine young lady. Bittersweet, indeed.