Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Do you or don't you?

Do you make New Years Resolutions or don't you?  Do you assess the last year or don't you?  I notice a lot of bloggers showing all the quilts they made this year and it is very impressive.  I lost my mother in 2011.   Someone else is living in her house for the first time since 1962.  I didn't go to her house on Christmas Day for the first time since 1962.  But as they say you have to keep on keeping on. 

I made 14 aprons for Christmas.  This is a group of friends I have had since the second grade.  We all started at a brand new elementary school in the second grade.  My oldest grandson will go to that school next year!  They are wearing the aprons I made them.  We are all very different but respect those differences and are great friends. 

I also made my two precious grandsons smaller aprons.  Notice their aprons are Tar Heel aprons!!

I did a little quilting after I cleaned up the Christmas mess.  My daughter in law has a Relay for Life team and she asked me to make a quilt to raffle off.  This is a pattern from Esch House Quilts.  She was offering this pattern for free at one point.  I love it.  

Happy New Year to all.  Someone commented the other day that it was amazing how much a comment from someone you had never met meant.  I almost said someone I do not know but I do feel like I know many of you.  I do appreciate all my blogging friends. 


elle said...

Happy new year, Nancy. So nice to have such special friends. They can't replace a mum but they help. Nice aprons, I like that style. I need to make a few myself and also for my two grand kiddies. Interesting quilt pattern that would have me arranging and rearranging for days.

Lori R said...

Nancy, no resolutions as such, but a word: POSITIVE. We both had bad 2011's and I am looking forward to this new year. Come and see me, I've been busy!

PS. LOVE that quilt pattern.

Helen said...

Love the aprons Nancy! and of course the little fellows look very handsome in their new aprons too!

Wishing you only good health and happiness for 2012,
from Helen

Barb said...

The aprons are so fun...

I have friends since high school but not second grade, that is just awesome!

Katie said...

How lovely to have such old friends. And the aprons are great! :-)


Quiltdivajulie said...

No resolutions for me -- I stop, review the past year, and re-group to move forward into the next year. Honestly, the "new year" begins for me in the fall (going back to the start of school for my now 30-something year old sons).

Sharon said...

Cute aprons all around! It's wonderful to have "old" friends. I still know one friend from 2nd grade, but we live 2000 miles apart. We do stay in touch though.

Happy New Year, and wishing you a great year!