Wednesday, January 11, 2012


This is how I am feeling these days. I am overflowing with ideas.

IDEAS > TIME!  A little of my math geekiness comes out sometimes. 

I finished this quilt top over the weekend.  It is a very interesting pattern with lots of possibilities.  It was fun although I generally like being more liberated and free form.  I enjoy using a pattern but it is so much fun just to start and see where you go. 

I see all these folks organizing their fabrics and I just had to join in.    It seems most folks organize by color but what other ways do you use to organize your fabric. 

I would really like to combine all these fabrics into one area but I don't see that happening right away. This pie safe has some of the first fabrics that I started with 5 years ago.  I really enjoy going back through my stash and remembering what I did with each piece.

I saw someone who made some I Spy placemats and I cannot remember who or find the post.  I LOVE making Tonyas letters.  If you have not tried it please do.  Pick up a copy of her Word Play Quilts if you don't already have one.  I need to work on my W.  Making letters/words is addictive.   These placemats are for my house.  I would really like to make them some more and make the letters smaller.  There is a lot you could do with this idea.

The back is  a fun  fabric my daughter in law gave me a couple of years ago.

I am really getting into this placemat thing.  I have some houses I made a few years ago and I have never done anything with them.  I am wondering how they would work in placemats.  I also want to explore negative space.  I also have a quilt to make for a co-worker of my daughter in law.  

See what I mean,  more ideas than time!

I talked to my aunt the other day and when she has a few spare minutes she is cutting squares out of her scraps.  I really need to do that but I am wondering how other folks store their squares,  boxes, bags,  what?  Also,  what sizes do you cut or do you cut various sizes.


Helen said...

Hi there True Blue! Happy New Year!

I think the placemat tutorial you might be thinking of is by mon petit lyons on Imagine Gnat.

I'm afraid my fabric storage method is "dump it anywhere and clean it up later" well, right now it's like that but I will be sorting it all out very soon!

Horribly hot weather here right now but we have been promised some cooler days ahead. Mind you, I'm still sewing!!

elle said...

I'm starting to switch to smaller projects myself. Mostly just the plain fact that there is only so much time. And that's what happened to my scraps. I thought why am I fussing when I have oodles of fabric sorted by colour. So I have a 9 basket cubicle for leftovers and when its full it is use them or pitch them.

Clare said...

Love those mats. If you are trying W's, look at Lynne's version. I think it looks better than Tonya's.

Tonya Ricucci said...

the quilt top and the placemats are great! so happy and wheeeee to have so many ideas and inspiration. woohoo, enjoy it!

Carol E. said...

I love the placemats with names on them. Great idea.