Thursday, May 14, 2009

Talented and Cute

Some days I manage to get both grandsons to take naps at the same time. Doesn't always happen but sometimes. I am usually so tired at that point I don't get to sew anything. Here is the baby "resting" on his brothers quilt. This is one of the first quilts I made, almost 3 years ago. I didn't do the quilting and I wish I had.

My older grandson gave me this picture for mothers day. Isn't he talented? A budding artist! I love the little hand prints. What should I do with it? I was thinking pillow but it might get dirty. What about walling hanging?

Both boys watching Hanny Manny with one of their great grandmother's quilts in the background.

Life is moving on along. I am trying to work in my yard and to sew along with everything else. When I have extra time I am torn about what to do, go outside or work inside. My mother is doing great. She is doing better than I ever thought. Isn't life interesting? Just when you think you are at the lowest point a unexpected angel comes along.


Clare said...

I can see a budding artist. Wall hanging. Definitely.

jovaliquilts said...

What a great wall hanging that will make. My kids made a sweatshirt with handprints all over it 20+ years ago, and I still love it. If it were a wall hanging, I could see it every day.

Carol E. said...

Such cute kids! I love the little one staring so intently at the big brother... soaking up learning every second.

Anonymous said...

What an artist. The boys are adorable and the quilts are wonderful.