Thursday, May 21, 2009


Back in March we planted some seeds and put them in our kitchen window. My grandson faithfully watered them and watched them. Sometimes watering them too faithfully but luckily some survived the enthusiasm of a 2 year old. Today we planted his pumpkins and marigolds in the yard.

I have a very shady yard, lots of huge pine trees. Last spring I dug out an area between two pines and made myself a sunny plot. I put some of my beloved daylilies there and a couple of hydrangeas. That is where we decided to put our pumpkins!

Oh look at the poison ivy right there beside the pine tree! Lets not get close to that.

Digging and watering, care to guess who got soaked! His clothes are in the dryer right this minute. Does anyone know the name of that plant on the right? A friend gave me a clump last spring and they came back bigger than ever this spring.

We could not resist the beautiful purple petunias at Lowes, they were on sale too! They will look great next to my orange daylilies. I also got one of those beautiful old fashion roses. They are so pretty this year, I see them blooming everywhere.

And that meant more watering!

It is hard to stay inside on beautiful days like today. I want to sew and I want to be outside! Such a hard decision. I have several projects running through my head. I have to finish the baby quilt for my neighbor. I would like to do some placemats with some wild fabric I bought last fall. I was thinking coordinating solid squares on one side and the wild fabric on the other. I would also like to do some beach houses. My son suggested that and it is a very intriguing idea. We love the beach and that would be so fun to do. So many ideas!

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Cher said...

looks like plenty of fun for you and the boys! what could be better than watering in the sunshine and helping?