Monday, June 8, 2009

First daylily

I found my first day lily bloom in the backyard this morning. Isn't it beautiful? I just love my day lilies. Some of the first ones I dug up from my uncle's yard. The ones from his yard are the
big double orange ones and they bloom a bit later. They are the ones at the top of my blog. Yes they are from my yard. I love the ones along the side of the road this time of year.

Then I went around to the front yard and found a gardenia bloom. I usually have so many blooms on this bush I have to stake it up. I must have pruned it too much last summer because so far I only have one. I miss my gardenias. They smell so wonderful in the mornings.

I had such a pleasant and productive weekend. I had two machines going. I brought my machine that I use for machine quilting downstairs and put it on the dining room table. That worked great. I could go up and sew on borders and come down and quilt.

I am getting much better at machine quilting. I set that as a goal a couple of years ago. It honestly just takes practice. Somehow I get better when I am not uptight about what I am doing. I finished my neighbors quilt and the baby is not here so I am doing good.

I have found a really cool, nifty tool for cutting strips and blocks. I am clumsy with a ruler and this makes it so much easier. A woman at a quilt shop showed it to my aunt and me and was gushing over how easy it made things. I thought there was no way it could work as well as she said but it does. I used it to cut the borders for the baby quilt and cut them in no time.

I am still pondering what to call myself. My aunt calls herself a quilt maker rather than a quilter. I am going to call myself a quilt designer and maker. I have only one quilt from a pattern. All my quilts are one of a kind, some more unique than others. Why shouldn't i call myself a designer. I am a designer if I create what I am doing!! Will someone arrest me and say you can't call yourself a designer? They better not. I actually got two commissions for quilts this weekend. I think I will be busy this summer.


jovaliquilts said...

Is that the kind of ruler where you run the cutter through grooves? I have never tried one but have seen them in stores. It's great you find a tool you like so much!

YankeeQuilter said...

I don't think the quilt police will hunt you down for calling yourself a designer! Though I have one sister who calls herself the designer - she picks out the fabric for me to make the quilt....

Susan said...

I think it's great that you call yourself a quilt designer! And your quilting is looking really great!
I decided to learn to machine quilt too, and am gradually improving over time.

GARI said...

My labels frequently say "Designed and Created by ...". I am a quilter, designer, and novice, all in one. LOL

Clare said...

Would you believe the day lilies here are nearly over. I suppose it's got something to do with the heat.

Designer - yes i'd go for that. If you don't follow patterns do your own thing then that's what you are.