Thursday, June 4, 2009


Last night at my Bible study we were talking about how we label ourselves. I have been thinking about that issue lately. A couple of weeks ago I met a man casually. I could tell you that I met him at a bar, which I did. I don't hang around bars! My oldest son was a bartender for years and my husband and I got in the habit of eating at the bar in a restaurant. You can meet some very interesting people. Anyway my husband asked this man what he did and he said he was a potter! He sure didn't look like an artistic person much less a potter. Then he said he was an engineer but now he is a potter. I thought to myself. Will I ever have the nerve to identify myself as a quilter? When someone says what do you do I usually say I am a retired math teacher and I now keep my grandsons. I should say I am a quilter because I am. What do you say when people ask you what do you do?

I have been stuck for a while but I was reading Sarah's blog and she got me excited about making placemats. She has great houses by the way. This is perfect for me. I can make small quilts and have fun doing it. I am not into doll quilts. When I was teaching and the kids got bogged down I would do a series of short assignments and we all felt like we were accomplishing something. I can make a placemat and feel like I have completed a project even though it is only one!!

I love this fabric and it looks great in my orange kitchen. I decided on a disappearing nine patch for the front and my wild fabric on the back. I have no idea why I bought that fabric except I love it. The print is too big to use for anything but a backing.

The orange is actually a batik with a hint of purple. It is great with the print.

It feels so good to get back in my studio (I am trying to think of myself as an artist). I put on the Elvis channel on the Sirius radio and have a wonderful time with my fabrics and machine.


Quilt Pixie said...

placemats are a great idea for small works of art! I may have to "borrow" that one :-)

Love your "wild" fabric... bet it'd make great stack and whack blocks...

Clare said...

Mmmm - good idea that. Easy to put together and you can fun too.

Think I might give it a go.

jovaliquilts said...

When I saw Sarah's blog, I had the same thought -- make a placemat! And you ARE a quilter!

Sarah said...

yes! you are a quilter! and i'm glad i inspired you : ) that makes me smile big!

jacquie said...

i have trouble answering that question's hard to say i'm an artist or i make quilts. have fun in making small things. such a sense of accomplishment in finishing.