Sunday, June 28, 2009

Seeing Spots

I worked on my liberated stars while I was at the beach. I discovered that I did not have enough of the dot fabric but I found some similar fabric in my mothers stash. My aunt said we are liberated so you can use the two fabrics. I feel like it creates more visual interest to use both fabrics.

But now I have a problems. I wish I had made the squares a bit smaller. I wanted 4 X 4 and strip it with orange and yellow but I now realize that will make it much larger than I want. What do you think about no strips, just sew the stars together and make a neat border with all the fabrics? This is the squares on my make shift design wall that by the way works just fine.

I read Belinda'sblog all the time and I love her attitude and ideas. I got the idea for the liberated stars from her although mine are bigger. I am not as good at the small ones as she is. I love all the folks that follow my blog. I do not intend to show anyone how to do anything, only show you what I am doing. When I left my classroom I didn't want to teach any more. I can do some teaching, if you want to learn some Algebra I can teach you. I can complete the square, graph exponential functions, I can even solve word problems!!! I am not trying to sell you anything or to be an expert.

I enjoy blogging. I love seeing what you are doing and sharing a bit of your life. I do not intend to take your ideas as my own. I am just having a good time. I am enjoying developing my creative side that I have supressed for years. Once again thank you to all my readers. And a special thank you to all the bloggers.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I think the yellow and orange, or yellow or orange strips between the blocks would look good.

Quilt Pixie said...

your stars are great fun -- I like the larger size you've gone to... It'll be grat to see how you move it forward next :-)

GARI said...

I really like the star blocks together, without any sashing. I think it makes the stars stand out more than with sashing. Looking forward to seeing this finished.

belinda said...

....clapping...well of course you know I LOVE the stars....I think sewing with no sashing is great....that is how I intend to sew mine when I get enough sewn up for my project. I think the sashing leans it toward more traditional...without sashing gives it a more free floating appearance...which I like best!!
I think what you said in this post is 'right on'! Blogging is supposed to be fun...I LOVE seeing and hearing how others accomplish their projects...I too am NO expert and certainly don't have all the answers...seeing others ideas makes it that more enjoyable!!!