Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fresh Veggies

We have been visiting our local Farmers Market and finding some delicious fresh vegetables. We have gotten some wonderful tomatoes and today they had butter beans and string beans. So I spent most of the day cooking.

I usually put corn in my butterbeans but it is a bit early for corn. Won't be long though. Fresh is so much better. I cook my butterbeans the southern way with fatback. They are sooo good. We also got squash and blueberries.

I had a little time yesterday to get organized.


I found these cute little plastic drawers at Target. I wonder how long I will be able to keep it looking this way.


I also did a little sewing, some liberated stars. This will be a baby quilt for a friend of my daughter in law.

A big family weekend coming up. Our son and daughter in law from the other end of the state are coming to the beach. Our other son and family will come on Saturday. The only one missing will be our daughter who has a weekend planned with her sorority sisters from college. My cousin from Tennessee and her family are coming on Sunday. My other aunt and uncle will be there too. All of them will eat with us Sunday night for grilled hamburgers. It should be fun.


Clare said...

Great storage ideas and it sounds as if you've got a great weekend ahead.

jacquie said...

organized is good! love those liberated stars!! have fun with all that family this weekend.

belinda said...

YUM...YUM...fresh veggies...our garden is really beginning to put out!!
Well know I LOVE the little stars and your 'joy' is
w-a-y cute too!!!