Sunday, January 11, 2009

Little Stars

I had a great time yesterday making little stars. Belinda at Brown Dirt Cottage has the best tutorial on making little stars. I never thought my fumbling fingers could work with these small pieces but it was great fun. I am going to try some with black and white fabrics and something bright for the stars. It is fascinating to see how the fabrics relate to each other when cut in small pieces. I had no idea there was so little contrast in the first one I made. when I laid the fabrics together it looked like a good combination but after I made the star it is so hard to see. I love the second one. It turned out much better. Belinda has done some really neat things with her stars. Be sure and visit her blog and see what she is doing.

I got a quilt in the mail this week. A couple of years ago I found some four patch squares my mother had made. I took them, made a few more and she and I put them together for a quilt for my oldest son and his wife. We took it to a wonderful woman that
has hand quilted so many of my mother's quilts and she sent it to me this week. I included fabrics that represented all the things that my son and his wife are interested in. He loves to surf and when he was small he loved to wear cowboy boots!!

Comic Book Lady over at Quilt as Desired took some pictures of her cat asleep on her husband. My little gray cat does the same thing on cold nights. She lays on the back of my legs. So weird. Do you see all the help she and Stanley are giving me in my sewing room? I wish I could sleep that well at night.

I got tagged by Sharon at Indigothreads. I am supposed to list six quirky things about myself. I have been thinking and thinking. I am so unquirky or either so quirky I don't think I am quirky. The only quirky thing I can think of is that I am such a math geek. That comes from teaching high school math for 30+ years. It gets in your blood.

I also need to know how to make the links I mention in my blog hot.


Quilt Pixie said...

the stars are great fun. Isn't it interesting to see how the colours work when cut up... :-)

To make a link - when typing in the box for new posts, select the text you want to make the link, then up at the top to left there's a picture of a world with a chain link symbol on top. click it and it'll open a new window that asks what the address of the link is... type (or paste) the address in and you're good to go :-)

jovaliquilts said...

Those are lovely stars! And that dotted fabric is really great.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

when doing the link, just make sure the http/ isn't in there twice. The box pops up with it automatically so I always delete it before pasting the address in. if that made sense. cute stars!

Sharon said...

Cute stars! I like the low-contrast one too.

Glad to see your kitties are doing their job and holding your fabric down. It could fly around the room if they're not careful!

Don't feel bad about your "quirky" list. It took me a couple of months of thinking to come up with my list! And I refused to ask my DH for input on that! hee hee!

Clare said...

I love the low contrast star.

I really must get back into the groove and do some more.

Dionne said...

I love those stars! I have bookmarked Belinda's tutorial, but I haven't yet tried it!

belinda said...

You're stars turned out so cute. Isn't it amazing how just changing fabrics can make them so different. I'm sending everyone to come see!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I love your stars. I see your "go heels banner". Do if you in NC, where abouts? I'm in the mountains. Wilkesboro.........