Saturday, January 3, 2009

Three Done in 2009

I have been busy busy! I have completed three quilts in 2009. All of these are for my daughter in law to give as baby gifts. All three are using the disappearing nine patch and they all look different.

This one with the dots is my favorite.

I had hoped to have them finished when she was here for Christmas but missed that deadline.

I will be sending them off n
ext week. I am also including two hot mats I made for them. This daughter in law is a Virginia Tech grad and my son is a Tarheel fan.

I used the school colors on the front and the school fabric on the back or you could look on it the other way around.

I am inspired by Cher at Marathon Quilter and her choice of the word BALANCE for the new year. I think that is a great aspiration. I need more balance. Balance incorporates so many ideas, thanks to her for the idea.


Lurline's Place said...

That's what I love about Dissapearing 9-Patch - they all look different! How lucky are you to have 3 baby quilts to make - I love making them and yours are gorgeous - 3 lucky little babies!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Cher said...

well I love the compliment Nancy! and isn't the D9P the best! for a variety of looks doing the same block? love what you have made gf!

Faye said...

My grandson is quite the Tarheels fan also. He lives in Stanley, NC. I got a yard of the fabric and made him a fun pillow case out of it for his bed! I made his father a New York Giants quilt out of fabric I got from Joann's's a BQ quilt and we did it in one day! I love your blog - check mine out at have my Giants quilt on it. Your work is beautiful!

jacquie said...

disappearing 9 patch is so versatile. such cute quilts! i LOVE that tarheel hot mat. FABULOUS! Any tarheel fan would be PROUD to use that.

Liz said...

Wow! 4 days into the new year and you have 3 done!

jovaliquilts said...

Those are cute baby quilts -- it's really terrific of you to make them for your DIL to give away.
I feel ignorant, but what's a hat mat?