Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am working on a whale quilt for my grandson to put on his "big boy" bed since he had to give his crib up to his soon to be here baby brother. His room is decorated in whales. His other grandmother even painted a whale on the wall and it looks great. I want to make it big enough so he can use when he moves to a bigger bed. I found a pieced pattern in a book I have and sort of adapted it. I used the techniques that Belinda at Brown Dirt Cottage uses for her stars for the triangles. You can see that the whales are not all quite the same. I like that individuality. I am going to put his name at the top using Lazy Gal Tonya's letters using the four prints I used for the whales.

Ok This is where I need some help. I have several cute sea life prints. I have a big piece of whale fabric for the backing. What about the borders? Some of Belinda's stars in the corners, blocks of sea life prints all around? I need some advice.

Maybe some 9-patches with these prints and some solids? HELP!

I have no idea how people stand these sub zero temps. It is in the 20s here this morning and that is plenty cold for me. I am a summer time girl. If I lived in some of these cold places that I read about I would be loading a moving van!


jovaliquilts said...

Here's how to withstand those cold temps -- stay indoors! ;)
Your whales are adorable, and I agree that the individual differences look good. As for borders, it's hard to say without seeing them around the quilt, but I love your sea fabrics. If you do put pieced things, maybe fish instead of stars?

Quilt Pixie said...

your sea fabrics look like relatively large prints, and I'd worry about loosing too much of their character in cutting and piecing a border with too much detail... what about simple strips of them around the whales?

Desiree said...

I don't think I'd do nine patches for borders, it will be very busy looking with the ocean prints. How about solid borders with a pieced whale in each 4 corners? Can you make the wale blocks smaller so the borders don't have to be huge?

GARI said...

As one who has been freezing in AL, I feel your pain. I do agree that you don't want to loose your whales with too much of the sea fabric otherwise your DGS won't see the fine work you have done for him.

Dionne said...

Oh, I love those whales, and your fabrics.... so beautiful!

Cheryl A said...

What about a border that is wavy? White - ocean prints - white. That way you won't distract from the blocks, as previous posters mentioned, but still get to use that fabric?
Cold temps are fine, as long there is snow to play in!

belinda said...

well..your little whales turned out wonderful...cute fabrics!!