Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Old Christmas

Today is what some call Old Christmas. I am not sure how it all developed. It has something to do with the adoption of the Gregorian calendar. On the Outer Banks of North Carolina there used to be a celebration of old Christmas. Old Christmas also coincides with Epiphany celebrating the visit of the Magi. The ancestors of many of those residents came from the shipwrecks off Cape Hatteras called the Graveyard of the Atlantic. They retained a lot of customs and even some accents from England. You can hear the traces of the English accent in the old High Tiders. They have a very distinctive way of speaking that is immediately evident. It is fascinating to hear the diverse way people talk. It isn't as pronounced as it used to be before television.

In honor of Old Christmas I will share what my daughter gave me. She went to her local quilt shop and bought her mom some fabric. What a thoughtful young lady! I was so touched. She bought some batiks which she knows I love and a darling monkey print, yoga monkeys. I have no idea how I will use them. I may just look at them and remember her thoughtfulness.

I had great fun yesterday working on my grandson's whale quilt. It is great to get back in my quilting room, listening to the King, working away. He has a birthday coming up soon.


jacquie said...

moms and daughters bonding over fabric. love that!

Quilt Pixie said...

the yoga monkeys brought a smile to my face. Very cute.

Dionne said...

What a great post! Very interesting, wonderful moments and I too had to smile at the yoga monkeys!

Sharon said...

What a sweet daughter - to get you fabrics! And what wonderful fabrics! Those yoga monkeys are cute!
I've heard (once) someone from No. Carolina when we were visiting DS there - didn't understand a word he said! I had no idea they had such a distinct "dialect". Very interesting.

carol said...

Old Christmas sounds very interesting. Lovely fabrics.